London Dopefest - Saturday 14th March

As floated in this thread the London Council of the Dope has decided that there shall be a dopefest on Saturday 14th March 2009 at 4pm. The roll call of people looks pretty darn impressive, so I hope to see you all there.

Only problem being - where do we go? :confused:

The Silver Cross in Whitehall was suggested but that’s booked up, and I’m vetoing the Chandos in Trafalgar Square as it gets hideously busy and is tourist central. My suggestions are:

  1. Pitcher and Piano just off Trafalgar Square - pretty big and looks quite nice since its last refurb.

  2. Nanobyte bar, Wardour Street. Been there a few times, like it a lot.

  3. The Intrepid Fox just around the corner from Tottenham Court Road. Just off the beaten track and a little, how can I say… alternative. :slight_smile:

  4. Bar Ha Ha in Villiers Street, just behind Charing Cross.

  5. The Shakespeare Tavern in Victoria. Been there plenty of times, it’s big but it’s in a busy area so will likely get a bit crowded.

Anyway, whichever place we pick it’s likely to have a fair few people in it on a Saturday afternoon. Once we’ve picked a place I’m happy to give people my mobile number if they would like it to call and get directions to our precise spot, might make things easier. So get voting!

My first choice would probably be Pitcher and Piano, but I don’t mind the other places either.

I’m a big fan of Nanobyte! I vote there.

The Fox doesn’t open till later, I think, but it does have bookable areas.

I’m a bit suspicious of anywhere called ‘the Nanobyte Bar.’ It sounds a bit up its own arse. It also seems that you can’t book an area for free.

TBH, the reason we used to do Dopefests at the Silver Cross was because it was the only feasible place to go with a large group in Central London. Perhaps the date should just be changed?

I find it difficult to believe that there is only one single bar in all of Central London that can accomodate a large group! Anyway, I’ve emailed Nanobyte just to ask about their reservation policies, as I didn’t see anything on the website about fees.

Given that I haven’t been to any of these places I am fine with wherever…

^^The problem isn’t finding a place that can book a large group in, it;s finding one that doesn’t suck and has the atmosphere of ‘random idiots having a pint after they’ve shopped on Oxford St’, which all the above mentioned qualify for aside from the Fox. And in there you’d better like metal, people who like metal and terrible barstaff who are only there to be part of the metal scene.

There are great pubs in that area, but none I drink at or can think of can handle 20+ folk all wanting to sit together unfortunately.

I gripe, true, but with these pubs you might as well rock on down to your local Wetherspoons in Anytown UK, rather than an exciting day in Soho.

Agreed. Everywhere in Central London is going to be too small and too crowded. I suggest the Pembury Tavern in Hackney. It has excellent connections with public transport (located between Hackney Downs and Hackney Central rail stations, and also on 12 bus lines). There’s no TVs or music so it’s great for conversing and meeting people. They serve food and real ale. Plus, ferrets are allowed (and usually present).

I can’t come, unfortunately, which means I’ll have to wait another year!

Pub ideas that haven’t been floated - The Bricklayers Arms on Greese St. It’s a Sam Smith pub, so cheap (but not great) beer and a nice upstairs area with couches and a fireplace. We go there for after-work drinks quite a bit, and don’t normally have any troubles fining a seat.

Otherwise there’s The Crown and Two Chairmen on Berwick Street. It’s modern without being awful and I think you can book the upstairs.

Have a great time!

Sorry I can’t make it, but have a good time!

(Weirdly I’ve been to more Vegas Dopefests than English ones…:confused: )

I’ve been there several times, it’s a nice place and not in the least bit up itself.

I’m with Tracy on this - seriously, there’s only ONE place in the whole of London that can accommodate a group? Besides, where are people getting 20+ from as a number? Last time I counted we were at about 10 confirms with quite a few maybes and probably nots.

Personally I want to stick with the 14th because **Nava **will be down that weekend and I’d really like to meet her, and Tracy is coming too and ditto for that. :slight_smile:

I don’t know any of them, so whichever.

From people over in the NADS thread that don’t post over here anymore.

I’m still planning to come, bar an Act of Og.

Alas, I will be a month too late. It looks like I’m coming to London just after Easter.

You could hold another one then, I’d certainly be happy to come along (but then I have no life so am probably not representative of other people…)

Ah, shame, I can’t come to this one, but hey, next time :slight_smile:

Why not The Lord Moon Of The Mall? It’s the pub exactly opposite the Silver Cross. Almost as big as the Cross, similarly easy to get to (obviously), no blaring music, nice enough atmosphere, lots of room.

Ick, Wetherspoons.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of the Pembury, actually! It’s nice and open, lots of sofas and big tables, usually not too crowded, and the beer is amazing. The landlord and the staff are all really friendly (and geeky). I switch my vote to there!

Okay - if that’s the preferred option. Just looked at their site and it looks like a nice place. Tracy- could you arrange a space for us as you’re the woman with connections? :slight_smile:

Would people still like me to make name badges?