Night vision

What aspect of the ageing process causes (many of) the elderly to have poor night vision? Is it a process that can be retarded or reversed?

Below is an excerpt from the Merk Manual of Geriatrics, which talks about glare with night vision. This is available online at



Decreased visual perception related to glare is a frequent complaint. As the eye ages, changes in the lens and vitreous increase the scattering of light in
the ocular media. Lens opacities at the periphery, though not directly interfering with vision, can also increase the scattering of light passing through the
lens, especially at night or in dim light, because the pupil is slightly dilated. Thus, it is not unusual for the elderly patient to complain about the glare of
oncoming headlights while driving at night. As long as visual acuity is normal, the patient should just be advised to curtail driving at night or avoid
looking directly at oncoming headlights.

I wanta thank you for that link ,arjuna.Looked like a chapter out of my biography.Thanks for asking the question,beatle. Scroll way down on that page scroll way down on the page and it talks about AGE-RELATED MACULOPATHY
a few excerpts; “A disruption of… contact between the retinal pigment epithelial cells and photoreceptor cells results initially in distorted vision and eventually in a loss of central visual acuity…disrupts the nourishment of the photoreceptor cells and leads to their death,…disintegration of the retinal pigment epithelium and a secondary loss of the overlying photoreceptor cells resulting from nutritional loss.” Pleasant stuff,huh? probably said a lot more but i couldn’t see it too well. Thanks the both of you for getting me there, i mean it.

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