Night Watch : Nochnoi Dozor

Anybody seen the trailer for this yet? I saw it yesterday and was hooked. This looks extremely interesting and is the first of three films.

Night Watch

Anybody know the story behind it?

Edit: It’s a Russian film, which has been bought by Fox along with a sequel. The third will be filmed in English

Not the best Night Watch trailer I’ve ever seen.

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Do you have any links for the better one?


Will do.

Since I still can’t tell what its about aside from the fact that it seems to have excellent cinematography…

This one looks pretty sweet.
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I’ve already seen this via its Russian DVD release.

Night Watch is a disappointing, incoherent mess of a film. Imagine watching a 90 minute Michael Bay action sequence and you’ll get the idea. Really, this movie is all over the map and certain scenes will have you scratching your head. Yuck. Just watchable, but be forewarned. :frowning: