NIN "Only" includes Sugarcubes sample, right?

The new Nine Inch Nails song “Only” has a sound that appears sometimes in the background at 34 seconds, 58 seconds, 1:17 and is repeated. It’s sustained for two or three seconds.

I swear that it’s a sample from one of the songs by the Sugarcubes album with the green cover. When I asked my secretary (the only other person I know who is familiar with NIN) she said, “Bjork was in a band?”

Tell me I’m right, tell me what Sugarcubes song it was (and where to buy it). Please?

Otherwise, I have to go down in the basement, find my records and turntable and have my secretary say, “You still own records?”



I just listened to it a couple of times and, while it’s possible, I doubt it. That’s kind of a standard ambient synth sound that was likely crafted by Trent.

How are you listening to “Only”? All the sites I check say it’s not out til mid-July?

If I could hear it I could tell you what Sugarcubes song they’re using.

It’s on the With Teeth album, which is out. The single doesn’t come out until July.

It sounds like a processed sample of the big horns that the Tibetan monks ‘play’. It doesn’t remind me of anything on ‘Life’s Too Good’ or ‘Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week!’. Mind you it’s been a while since I listened to them end-to-end.

I’m afraid I will have to side with interface2x and force you to dig up the vinyl and try to find what you are after…