Another free NIN album

The Slip. They’re saying that this will come out on CD in July or so, but for now it’s available as a free CD-quality download.


I love NIN! Downloading as I type this!

Hey, I used to like them, and I’ve been getting into heavier music latel so what the heck. Thanks for the link even if it sucks.

Well, I can kinda hear why it’s free.

Now they just need to pay me for the time it takes me to listen to their music.

This heralds in a new age! Pay me to listen to you!

I have only had the chance to listen to it once, and I was kind of busy, but I like it. Then again, my husband (who hasn’t heard it yet) pointed out to me that I could listen to Trent Reznor bang a spoon against a saucepan for an hour and a half and I’d still enjoy it. I really do like his work!

The third track jumped out at me as being particularly interesting.

I think that’s a bit harsh. Maybe you aren’t cut out for industrial music, but I was pretty pleased with my download. It’s hard to beat Pretty Hate Machine though. That is possibly the best industrial album ever.

I’m not much on the first half of the album but I really like the second half a lot. The song “Corona Radiata” is awesome and kind of reminds me of the second half of the song “Download” by Skinny Puppy.

Oh, well see I was going to apologize for being snarky but anything by NIN is “best industrial album ever?” I just had a brain hemorrhage. :stuck_out_tongue:

I grew up with Ministry’s ‘Twitch,’ Einstürzende Neubauten, Front 242, etc. and NIN was always bubble gum pop with a splash of that Pacific Northwest Starbuck’s coffee grunge music, even though I know they’re not from there.

I might not have given them a fair chance I suppose. But, but, they had radio hits. That’s never a good thing. :slight_smile:

seriously I think this every time I hear about Trents latest album, a few tracks aside he is watered down poppy industrial.
I still might go for the download though.

Good find thanks for sharing. There’s some good music in there, but it’s free :slight_smile:

No, no my appologies, you are clearly well versed in industrial music. You are right that many NIN fans are just grunge groupies that were basically clueless to industrial music. I think the reason for this, is because Pretty Hate Machine* was simply too good an album to ignore. I saw that preformance at Tinley park during the first Lollapalooza, and they stole the show like no band I’ve seen. This album isn’t noteworthy, but I wouldn’t say that they should pay me to listen.

I’ve been out of the industrial scene for a very long time. There may be great bands out there that I don’t know of. Front 242 was never a favorite of mine. Ministry was/is a little too hardcore for me, but maybe they’ve toned down. There was a great german band a coworker brought in last year, but I can’t remember the name. I think the name started with an R.

Rammstein? If you like them, you may want to check out Hanzel Und Gretyl (sp?) as well.

Rammstein is it. Thanks.

What’s funny is the guy that played it had no idea what industrial was or that it was a distinct style but the second he played it I said “You listen to industrial music?”

Angelspit and Combichrist are interesting too. I guess they’re industrial.
Anyway I think Trent’s angst and anger are as good as anyone else’s. He’s done some epic great stuff.

Mmmm, I lurves me some Combichrist!

I don’t think the new NIN album is super fantastic or anything, but it is a pretty good listen, and for free, who can complain?

Funny, a thread about industrial music and nobody has mentioned Foetus. J.G. Thirlwell is a mad god.

Outside of “Get Your Body Beat”, I can’t really get into them, but damn does that song rock.

I just listened to most of the album and I have to say it’s okay for background music, but nothing that really jumps out at me as rockin’ awesome. I don’t think I’m a Nine Inch Nails fan, between my opinions on this, With Teeth, and The Fragile.

Given that the RIAA has chosen to oppose “Net Neutrality”, I think that everyone should download the album just to piss them off! :smiley:

I HAVE to check this out. (Too bad Trent doesn’t come with it)