Best Industrial/Experimental/Whatever Cds

Well…i think it’s about time someone made a thread dedicated to this genre. List your favorite, industrial(old school, new school), ebm, experimental, etc cds.

Here is my list:
Einsturzende Neubatuenp- Halber Mensch/Haus der Luge/Tabula Rasa.
Skinny Puppy- Mind The Perpetual Intercourse/Too Dark Park/Last Rights/VIVIsectVI
Front Line Assembly- Tactical Neural Implant/Caustic Grip/Implode
Cabaret Voltaire- Crackdown
**Throbbing Gristle **- 20 jazz funk greats
Swans- Various Failures
VnV nation- Empires/Praise the Fallen
Front242- Official Version/Tyranny for You/Evil Off
Nitzer Ebb- The Total age
Noise Unit- Drill
Brighter Death Now- Inner War
Merzbrow- Music for Bondage
Lustmord and Robert Rich- Stalker
Gridlock- Further
Dryft- Cell
Nine Inch Nails- Fixed/The Fragile/Further Down The Spiral
Laibach- Opus Die/NATO/Nova Akropola
Converter- Shock Front
LeÆther Strip- Self Inflicted/Solitary COnfinemnt/Penetrating the Satanic Citizen
Funker Vogt- We Came to Kill
Wumpscut- Embroyded/Mesner Tracks
Coil- Love’s Secret Domain/Scatalogy(1,2)
Covenant- Sequencer/Europa
C-tec- Darker
Download- Furnace/Eyes of Stanley Pain/Effector
Hocico-Odio Bajo El Alma/Sangre Hitviente
FeindFlug- Feindflug
Doubting Thomas- Infidel
Kraftwerl- Radioactivity
Flesh Field- Viral Extinction
Haujobb- Solutions for a Small Planet
Kalte Farben- Trust in Opium
Lassigue Bendthaus- Pop Artificelle/Cloned
Ministry- Twitch
Noisex- Serious Killer
NON- God and Beast
Suicide Commando- Mindstrip
Tear Garden- The Last Man to Fly
The Legendary Pink Dots- Under Triple Moons
Velvet Acid Christ-Calling Ov the Dead

This is all i can remember at the moment, i’m sure there are more, and i’m hopin for some responses to fill those gaps. :slight_smile:

some good one’s

Idiot Flesh - Fancy.

Crash Worship - (anything by em)

Zoviet France - (again, all of their stuff)

Huutdjart - Live Album

doh! could i forget zoviet france?! It’s not like they were the pioneers of noise…along with Whitehouse and SPK.

Skinny Puppy-
Chem Lab-
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult-
Nitzer Ebb-
Controlled Bleeding-

-all albums-


Blue Man Group - Audio

A question…What Does the Blue Man Group sound like?
I’ve heard they mainly experimented with precussion…that true?

Halber, you didn’t leave that much to add.

Although I can believe you mention Foetus and not “Hole”. “Sick Man”? “Satan Place”? “I’ll Meet You in Poland, Baby”? Definatly my favorite.

And I think Ministry deserves mention for more than just “Twitch”. Particularly “You’ve Got to Work For Love”. (Just kidding)

Did I ever tell you the story about how I tricked the DJ at my prom into playing Skinny Puppy?

Cleared the dance floor. I was so happy.

LOL…are you serious…how did you manage to pull that off, and which song?
I’ve been tryin to get DJs to play much tamer stuf( New Order, 242, depeche mode) and they wouldn’t budge. :frowning:

And What the hell is a Prom DJ doing with a skinny puppy cd?!

CD? Oh my, no. I’m afraid I’m so old that they actually played real records at my prom.

No, he didn’t have one. (He wouldn’t would he?) I brought up the record, and looked at him all innocent and doe eyed…and the fool played it!

So the moral is, if you want to get something played get some cute chick (well I’m sorry, I was damn cute at the time. Fuck, I’m still cute) to go up and bat their eyes at the DJ and he might play it. Particularly if they don’t know the song to begin with (and why would they)

Which song? “Dig It”. Well I went for the most commercial. I dunno, there was a part of me that was still hoping somebody would dance. Though you’d think four years of high school wudda learned me.


Was it God’s Gift (Maggot)? That has to be one of the least dancable songs I’ve ever heard.

One of my favorites that no one seems to know of was Shriekback. Go to Napster and search for (Big Black) Nemesis.

Anything by Nurse With Wound and System Interrupted gets my vote.

Will you move to Chicago and become my lover? :slight_smile:

What do you think of Knorkator? Talk about a self parody sense of humor…and songs like Konflict are FRIGHTENINGLY experimental. And what about Cancer Barrack?

I think we need to have a dance party with everyone who posts to this thread.


Betenoir: foetus was a great pick and made me think of two others.

Steroid Maximus and John Zorn/Naked City.

Geez, a dance party. It’d be just like that sketch on Saturday Night Live with Mike Meyers and the monkey.

thud thud thud thud thud thud


This thread has grown tiresome! Now, ve dance…I’m as happy as a little giiiiirll.

God BLESS it am I mad that script got canned.


Well, after Skinny Puppy, a friend of mine brought up something by Bauhaus. And the DJ actually fell for it again! Me and my pretentious friends (and only me and my pretentious friends) got up and danced. Actually it was a lot like Sprockets :D. After that we were banned from approaching the DJ booth.
They’re not Industrial but they’re definatly Experimental/Whatever- How could we go this long without mentioning The Residents?

Wow…i never would of thought that this thread would of lasted for more then 10 posts…and now we’re approaching 20. Happy Day :slight_smile:
Oh…and jarbaby…i would become your lover, but i have prior arrangment here in St.Louis. But since you do reside in Chicago…ever been to the Metro?

If we’re talking about really out there Experimental, I suppose CrystalNacht by John Zorn, as well as his other stuff counts. CrystalNacht has the unique honor of making me ill, no other CD has been able to do that.

Melt Bannana _ I really like Charlie

Fantomas - self titled (this is the new super metal group from Mike Patton and fellows) I highly recomend them, I saw em live at their debut show. WOO!

Vacum Cleaners - All their stuff, Off of Bad Vugum label from Finland, a great source of experimental music.

Atari Teenage Riot - I’m suprised they haven’t been mentioned yet.

ec8or - off ATR’s digital hardcore label.

Fever - Too bad but true, also off of DHR, and one of the best hip hop albums of 99 to boot.

Renaldo and the loaf - great weirdness, especially their collaborations with the residents.

Foreskin 500 - manpussy. one of my fave industrial dance, techno, booty shaking bands.

Hi, HalberMensch242.

Good to see Front 242 on your list. :wink:

Here’s a few more that I don’t think have been listed:

[ul][li]Cubanate[/li][li]Birmingham 6[/li][li]Future Sound of London (FSOL)[/li][li]Lords of Acid[/li][li]Praga Khan[/li][li]Sister Machine Gun[/li][li]Young Gods[/li][/ul]

I’ve also gotta chime in for:

[ul][li]Front 242[/li][li]C-Tec[/li]
[slight hijack]Has anybody been able to purchase their latest album “Cut” in the U.S. yet? If so, please e-mail me and tell me where.[/slight hijack]

[li]Nitzer Ebb[/li][li]KMFDM (although DMFMK is not doing it for me)[/li][li]Bauhaus[/li][li]Skinny Puppy[/li][li]Foetus[/li][li]Coil[/li][/ul]

Now I wanna go dancing!