Nina Simone

Thought I drop a recommendation out there and let anyone interested in good music know that I just picked up Nina Simone’s first two albums (The Incredible Nina Simone and Live at Town Hall)and have enjoyed the hell out them. She’s a unique stylist with a terrific range, perfect pitch and keyboard skills to boot. Do yourself a favor, expand your horizons, and give Dr. Nina Simone a listen. You’ll be glad you did, or my name’s not Nathan Arizona.

Well, Nathan, I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with you 110% on this one. I’m amazed Ms. Simone isn’t the household name that Ms. Holiday and Ms. Fitzgerald are, as I feel she’s certainly their equal. The two albums I’m familiar with are ‘Blues’ (she makes me shiver on ‘Do I Move You?’) and Bittersweet.

Unfortunately for your thread (re: the title), I’m not sure many people who don’t already agree with you are going to visit.
You should’ve called it: Nina Simone (hot chick photo links!) :slight_smile: