Nine Foreign Ripoffs Cooler Than The Hollywood Originals {from}

This shit is too damn funny. Watch as mulleted Bollywood Superman defeats a gang of half-hearted thugs by shaking his funky stuff with Bollywood Spiderwoman. And Betmen’s driving a Morris 1100!

Haven’t read the linked article yet, but I find myself really enjoying I can go like on wikipedia - one article suggests others, which suggest others…

Lotsa fun!


Evil Turkish Spiderman has the best villainous laugh ever.

I was just checking out The 9 Manliest Names in the World earlier tonight.

Staff Sgt. Max fucking Fightmaster! Hell yes!

Loved the cute, cute guinea pigs of death!

WTF are they smoking in Turkey? Turkish ET was like The Exorcist meets Benny Hill, and 3 Dev Adam is just fucking insane: evil Spiderman strangles women in the shower with a phone cord and uses guinea pigs to gnaw out captive’s eyes. OTOH, if you overlook the crap car the fight work in Betman was actually quite well choregraphed.

And Chinese Popeye beating up kung-fu mummies was - um, something. Something weird.

It kinda just came out of nowhere the last year or two, didn’t it? I think it was that video where all the people represent web sites at a party that got people visiting the site, and they just haven’t let up since then. Good stuff.

Also, it was through them that I was introduced to one of the very, very few good web comics out there, Daisy Owl.

Some of those clips would be insanely funny with absolutely no context, especially the Italian Batman clip.