Ninja Cat!

I don’t know what spooked my cat, but I just witnessed her jump with all four paws in the air. She’s normally not so skiddish, so I’m thinking she was concentrating real hard on something, and then brushed across something on the floor without realising it, got startled and leaped into the air. I didn’t know a cat could jump like that!

My overweight and normally languid cat has done that a couple of times. Always a treat to watch, although I suppose not as fun for her to experience. :smiley:

We’ve had a few kittens around our household (two of which we still have as adult cats) and they were absolutely hilarious when spooked. If we managed to catch them at a moment of particularly intense concentration on whatever it is they were trying to work out, they’d leap four times their own height into the air while doing a backflip – still landing on all fours. It was probably mean but we couldn’t resist; the acrobatics were priceless.