Ninja Cat!!!!

Beware the Ninja cat

That is an awesome vid, thanks rolandgunslinger! i haven’t laughed that hard in a while!

For everyone else interested to see the clip: there’s the theme from jaws playing, but otherwise no other sound. It’s absolutely entertaining!

I haven’t laughed out loud at an animal video like that since Dramatic Chipmunk!

I didn’t get what was so funny until I realized the cat had its head tilted the exact same way every time. The last close-up was when I finally burst out laughing.

Great stuff. :smiley:

I am crying with laughter.

That is awesome!

I play hide-and-seek with one of my cats like that, usually around the corner from the main hall into the kitchen. She’s not nearly as sneaky as that, but she does like to sneak up to the edge and then just JUMP into the air in front of me before bolting down the hallway at top speed. She’s done that same jump to me a few times as I exit the washroom, too. It’s hilarious (especially since this is the anti-social bitch cat from hell that plays this game!) I might try and film it one day.

I had a kitty that would play hide-and-seek with me. We played outdoors, and she’d hide under the car, or behind a bush, and would stay there until I said “I see you!” and then she’d run to a new hiding place. ::sigh:: She was awesome.

I laughed so hard my eyes were watering! Great video :smiley:

I’d convinced myself the cat was going to morph into a monstrous creature at the end, so it wasn’t funny until the second viewing. Then I had a good giggle. :smiley: