Ninja vs Shaolin Monk

I can respond from a somewhat real-world basis…

My brother studied the real-deal ninjutsu for several years, and his resultant cool factor was a huge influence in me later taking up martial arts. Applicable to the OP, guess what I’ve studied…yep, Shaolin styles! I’ve been studying for several years, plus a few different styles for well-roundedness.

Being the competitive brothers that we are, we take every oppurtunity to wrestle, spar, and muck around with techniques. We always get into “oh yeah?!?!” style debates about whose art is ultimately superior :smiley:

One of the above posters is absolutely correct in that they are vastly different and distinctive arts. When we spar, things are actually very even between us. He (and his art) really specialize in close range “sticky” fighting, where Shaolin shines in the striking/countering/movement area.

So who wins? :smiley:

It really boils down to circumstance. He outweighs me by about 50 pounds and is quite beefy and muscular. If he is able to close and entangle me, I am usually quickly toasted and having one or another of my joints getting nearly ripped out. If I’m careful though, I can maintain range and really work him over in the legs with kicks, as well as getting a lot of shots in on his arms and body. That has to do with my particular style, as well as my being in general much more mobile and quick than he.

At any rate, it is quite fun and often amusing. If anyone has any specific questions about either art or how they would compare to each other I would be happy try and answer :slight_smile: