Nintendo 64 ROMS and Emulators

Does anyone here know if i can find a good nintendo 64 emulator that actually plays roms i download?
I have downloaded UltraHLE and all that works with that is mario64 and i can’t even move him. Plus, i have downloaded Banjo-Tooie and that doesn’t work on any of the emulators i have downloaded. Can anyone please help me or explain why it doesn’t work?

TRWin is a bit better, so’s Nemu64. Honestly I don’t keep up that much with N64 emulators, since the only n64 game I give a crap about is Goldeneye and I haven’t found anything yet that will run it at a playable frame rate.

Is it just me or is N64 emulation waaay behind the other platforms?

Hello slortar and welcom to the SDMB! The moderators here frown on discussions which advocate breaking copyright laws, such as downloading copyrighted video games to play on your PC. Don’t be surprised if this thread is closed soon.

Hello, Jeff.

Who’s to say I don’t own the game in question? That does, I believe, fall under the fair use laws. Think before you accuse.

What Jeff Olsen said. Copyright law is still a bit shakey about things like “I own the CD, can I have the MP3”, and I imagine that this is analogous. Until and unless the courts deem such to be OK, we’re playing it safe here.