Nipples and breastfeeding

Possibly TMI and possibly belonging more in IMHO…

Little zber will be three months tomorrow and has received 99% of his nurishment through breastfeeding. I noticed that my nipples now point outwards - in the exact angle of how he feeds whereas they used to point forward. So, will they go back to “normal” after he is weaned?

Mine did. YMMV.


My nipples stayed the same for the 20-some months that my daughter breast fed. But I can’t recall what my wife’s nipples did. :D:D

So does that explain why my . . .

No, never mind.

Back to normal?


That’s funny in so many ways. Especially if the only thing you’re worried about is your breasts.

Mother to a three year old.

PS After a year of BFing, mine went mostly back to normal :::snort::: lower, but normal.

I breastfed my youngest for just over 3 years. My nipples changed only in that they became darker. Your breasts will change, but the changes are mainly due to pregnancy, not necessarily breastfeeding.

I knew there was a reason that I thought I should have posted this in IMHO and thinking it would be a better idea to wait till sober to post (mind the 99% of nurishment)…

So we’re clear on what matters… I can accept having to scoop the boobs off the floor to get them into a bra - what I am uncertain about is the fact that they no longer point north.

Taking my own advice and waiiting till sober to continue this post… damn vodka damn (it is a pump and dump kind of night)


Is it really safe to drink alcohol while breast feeding?

And no, I don’t mean while you’re actually in the act of breastfeeding. :smiley:

I was under the impression that it wasn’t a good idea. But I could be wrong. I don’t know much about the topic…

Hey, it helps the baby sleep. But seriously, I would check with La Leche. I’m sure it’s not a good idea to get wasted.

Hey guys! She said she was gonna pump and dump. Give her a break.

Anyway, if you can stand the pain, you don’t have to pump and dump necessarily. Breast milk is not a static fluid. As your blood alcohol level drops, so does the alcohol level in the milk already produced. Once you are sober, so is the milk in your breasts (for all practical purposes) even if it was produced while you were a little drunk. Of course by that time your breasts might be uncomfortably full, but it’s an option.

Alcohol may not be great for babies but a little bit won’t hurt them. Back in the old days people used to give “whiskey nipples” to babies as a pain killer. They’d fill a rubber nipple with sugar and saturate the sugar with whiskey. Made for some very mellow babies who seemed none the worse for the experience. I’m not recommending this - just using the info to reduce hysteria over babies and alcohol.

I remember when I was breastfeeding my daughter, I’d have a glass of Kahlua and milk each night before bed. After a couple of nights of this, my little girl started doing these really foul farts. I’m not kidding, they were ATROCIOUS. And from a 3 month old! I soon worked out it was because of the Kahlua.

So I don’t think the alcohol makes the baby drunk or anything, but its not really good for their tummies.

As for nipple direction, mine went back to normal.

Still BFing my kid too, but from past experience the nipple thing was not something that stuck around or became an issue – just the huge expense of replacing ALL of my bras with a larger size – that was what didn’t go back to normal with me. God knows what’ll happen to me this time…

So are there really women out there who actually go down cup size(s) after breastfeeding or was that just a story they put 'round to lull us?

I went down a cup size after weaning my daughter. Was a 36 DD before pregnancy, up to a crazy, crazy unspeakable size 46 F during bf, and down to a 34 D now, 1 year post weaning.

Nipples are flatter and darker than they were before, but this could be due to the smaller breast size.

And I don’t think that zber was asking for our opinions on drinking. My guess is she mentioned her plan to pump n’ dump to hold the attacks at bay.

(Gee, who on this board would offer un-asked for advice and opinions? Certainly not meeeee…:wink: )

I wish this would get moved over to IMHO so I could say that in a really odd way, I miss breastfeeding!

My nipples are back to normal shapewise.

How times change! 30 years ago the pediatrician suggested I have a glass of wine with lunch in order calm my colicky baby in the evening.

It didn’t work very well. For him, I mean. I was calmer.

I have an ernest question…

How long does one breast feed?

In my head 3 years is a child with teeth!

Am I reading this wrong or is this how long BF occurs?!!

From your lips to God’s ears. Went from 34D pre-first kids (twins) to 38DDD after. I would pay big bucks to be a D again. Presently seem to be holding at DDD during present bout of bfing, maybe it’s because of less demand on the supply with only one little sucker :slight_smile:

Still wouldn’t mind a bit of a reduction. Perhaps I should joint the cast of Survivor live off rice and cockroaches, catch dysentery and lose all excess fat that way…little extreme?

Well, it obviously varies from person to person. The world-wide average age of weaning is 4 years. But in the more “conservative” nations, such as the U.S, Britain, Canada, and Australia, it is common for women to stop breast-feeding long before the baby turns one. In any case, I personally believe in baby-led weaning, and while my first daughter weaned at just under one year, my second daughter wanted to nurse until she was just over 3. Yes, she had teeth, but it is easy to teach a child not to bite.

Anyhow, extended breast-feeding worked for us, but I understand a lot of women do not feel comfortable with it, and their choice for early weaning is just as valid.

Same thing happened with our two kids. My wife bf both, and they pretty much set the pace. I can’t remember exactly how long it lasted, but the boy held on longer than the girl (big surprise there), and neither of them made it to the 3 year mark. I’m thinking about 18 months for the girl, 24 for the boy.

You’re not alone there, Cranky. I also miss you breastfeeding…