Nirvana MTV Unplugged appreciation thread.

Best unplugged ever? Yes.

I can listen to it from beginning to end and that is my benchmark for a great album. I think there are only 5 albums in my entire collection I can do that with(pretty big collection) - and none of them are Unplugged albums, so yes, I’ll have to agree.

True Dan. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon is another one I can listen to beginning to end.

Not only can listen to it beginning to end, but must listen to it beginning to end. I only put it on when I know I can listen to the whole thing. There are very few that I feel that way about but Unplugged is one.

My fave of all the Unpluggeds.

I just wish I could’ve been there.

A wonderful, soulful perfromance.

I was trying to pick a favorite song, but I simply can’t.

They all blend together so well, its like they are one song.

Have the CD and the show on tape.
Kurt looked so angelic. sigh

I would even go so far as to say that the album should be considered a national musical treasure. It was truly one of the most haunting and beautiful albums ever.

As an aside, it really is a musical accomplishment when you can perform before an audience and actually sound better than if you were in a recording studio.

I’ve got Nirvana’s other live CD, which isn’t unplugged, and it too is better than their album stuff IMO.

I never even liked Nirvana or Kurt but that was a once in a lifetime performance.

I love this performance too. ICobain had one of the most naturally great voices ever-- soulful and brittle at the same time.
And of course, he was the best songwriter of the last twenty years.

The best songwriter of the last twenty years; a powerful statement.

I LOVE the album, I have many, many albums yet this one is different it’s truly amazing. I also have the Wishkah album but yet despite it being great it is nowhere near as good as the unplugged album.

There is no doubt though that Nirvana are most possibly the greatest band of all time (for me anyway) :slight_smile:

It is my favorite Nirvana album to date (BOX SET COME DAMMIT).

I think I lost it though.

Well, I think it’s good, too, but I have a hard time watching or listening to it anymore, knowing he was probably high on heroin and just a few months from committing suicide.

Speaking of “The Day The Music Died”, April 8th, 1994 was the day the music died for me. I haven’t really gotten past that yet.:frowning: