Nitpick my (tv news) cover letter!

Quick setup: I’m a young’un still seeking his first Broadcast Journalism job. It’s tough going in Nashvegas and I finally saw this opening in Jackson, TN. It’s the second opening, under News Production. Ideally, someone here’s a news producer/AP/assignment editor etc., who can tell me if I’m on the right track.

Any advice would be great, though. Names have been changed.

On preview, the indentions and things aren’t showing. Just know that they’re there on the actual letter.

I don’t like the phrasing of “I am perfect.” I prefer something like “I believe I am an ideal candidate.”

And I really hate “More importantly, I can learn any new responsibility given to me and I can master any skill WBBJ needs.”

Fair enough. Do you think I could omit that entirely or should I try to rephrase it?