Nitpick that bugs me every time I come here

When you go to the homepage there is a link for the “Message Boards”:

And that’s the nitpick… Message Boards.

It takes you to the Straight Dope Message Board, not the Straight Dope Message Boards.

Carry on. :grin:

We are not amused.

It’s obviously clickbait for the kind of nitpickers we want to come here.
With membership declining, maybe we should change the link to

Message Board’s

I believe it’s just an anachronism. The concept of a message board comes from actual boards that you would pin your messages on. If you had different categories for different types of messages, you would have multiple message boards. So electronic message boards with more than one category for posts would often be referred to in the plural, instead of the singular. What made sense back then seems somewhat odd today.

It’s similar to how we tend to use “forums” for the whole site (e.g. "Read the Straight Dope forums) and each individual category as a forum (e.g. “the Politics forum” or “you posted in the wrong forum”).