Nizzy Noodle

In the 1924 silent version of “Thief of Baghdad” starring Douglas Fairbanks Sr. one of the characters exclaims, “Nizzy Noodle, he’s turned love bird!”

Does anyone here know what the origin Nizzy Noodle is and what it means exactly?

I have looked in various slang dictionaries from the 1920’s and havent been able to find it.


Well, “nizzy” is “foolish” and “noodle” is head, or by metonymy a person, so I’d translate as something like “you idiot!” But from your sentence I’m not sure if that makes sense in context.

No, it makes sense in context. It’s just an exclamation, like “good grief” or “holy cow.” It just happens that the exclamation includes a reference to the person.