NJOY e-cig disposable vs rechargeable

I’ve never discharged one of those big batteries, I just swap them out morning and night so I don’t drain one.

Makes sense. I just learned today that the lithium ion batteries don’t develop a memory, so it’s okay to not discharge completely.

Thanks all for the information. Can anyone answer the question I asked earlier…Are there any systems that are used kind of like an analog (i.e. use for a few puffs and put away as opposed to a 20 minute vapefest)?

You can use them as much or as little as you like. Hit the button and inhale anywhere from 1-100 times in a row, then put them away. The liquid doesn’t leak out or anything, so a few puffs and put away is how I’ve been using all of my ecigs all along.

One or two puffs on mine is good for me. The juices available can be purchased at different strengths, and you can “dial in” the strength that works for you, especially if you can get the smallest bottles available. At Elite Vapor Works, the small 6ml bottles of juice are $3.95. They have 31 flavors at 6 different nicotine strengths (including no nicotine). I found a flavor that I liked (Cinnamon), then bought a few of the nicotine strengths to settle on one that works for me. I had already quit smoking long ago but was using 6-8 pieces of the 2mg gum, so I didn’t need much.


Yes…I’m just wondering how much I will “like” to use it. For example, in this forum many people mention how the king is unlike other e-cigs in that a few hits will do you good for a while. Other e-cigs, it seems, need to be used for extended periods of time for the same effect.

Yeah it was about the same. I’ve found the that the hit weakens as I use it (ie the second hit is a little weaker than the first, etc.) but if I wait awhile, the taste is stronger again. I have not found that either the disposable or the refillable last anywhere near two packs if you are counting “hits”.The disposable was really short lived. What I have found is that I don’t smoke as much (a couple hits at a a time) so it actually takes me as long to go through one as it would take me to go through two packs.

I don’t really see it as a money saving change but it does have some advantages like the aforementioned frostbite avoidance, no smell, no ash and the elimination of inhaling all the stuff besides nicotine. Don’t have to buy lighters anymore either.

The cigarette looking batteries don’t last forever, and the Safe cig stopped replacing mine went I sent in two dozen at a time. :slight_smile:
New, pre-filled cartridges are very expensive, about like cigarettes for me.
Depending upon how long the large batteries last, refillable “tanks” are the way to go fro e-juice or whatever it is called.

I’ve been using NJoy for about a month and I’m OK with it. Frankly, I got it on a whim and I’m not sure that I’m not just too lazy or cheap to test out all the alternatives. This thread has been informative though. Thanks.

That’s a 43-page thread. :eek: I’ve never tried that particular ecig and can’t speak to the experience. I don’t really understand the question, frankly. When you say a few hits will “do you good” for awhile, it just sounds like you need to make sure to get a device with a good throat hit (which I can say my kGo definitely provides), as well as the strongest nicotine potency eliquid available. More nicotine at once means you won’t have to smoke it as often.

Although I must say, eliquid in lower nicotine potencies seems to taste better, to me. I just got cinnamon apple pie in 18mg and I’m hitting it more often, just because it tastes so goddamn delicious!

I want Camel Straight flavor at 24mg. :slight_smile:

Yuck! The last thing I wanna taste in my lovely ecig is anything even remotely reminiscent of tobacco :wink:


Yeah, it’s a long thread but mostly just a bunch of ecig types singing the praises of this little disposable unit. The surprising thing to me is how many people there seemed genuinely disappointed in their setup after trying this thing. If you still like the taste of tobacco this thing feels like you are smoking an actual cigarette.

I was really hoping the disposable would be similar to the rechargeable as I would love to have something small that I could carry in a case, take a few discreet puffs, and put away satisfied. I may try the kgo that you linked to but it seems kinda big. Where do you keep it when you are out and not using it?

Try to find a Nicstick. To me, it’s the best of the disposables that I tried.

It really isn’t that big. Shirt pocket. Pants pocket. The unit can be turned off when not in use to prevent accidental triggering.

I don’t think any disposable can beat the NJoy king in terms of taste and hit. If you don’t mind wasting 8 bucks give it a try. I don’t want a disposable unit…I am looking for a rechargeable.

Will it break in your pants pocket? Is there any kind of case for the thing?

It’s pretty rugged, and there’s not much that can break. I suppose that the carto could be dented or bent if I tried hard enough, but those are cheap anyway.
I have no case.

Well, I’ve begun my search and am pulling my hair out! Wayyyy too many choices. I know I’m guaranteed to lose money on my first purchase. I’d actually like this to be cheaper than analogs in the short term but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

eGo-C w/ Vision eGo Clearomizer 1000mAh Starter Kit

This. Get this. Don’t forget to order several small bottles of eliquid. Since you like strong throat hit, lean toward choosing juice with more PG when you can. You will be happy. Your money will not be wasted.

For those of you who are thinking about making your own juice, this is place where the high quality juice makers buy their nicotine. I buy mine here too. It is lab quality stuff, not kitchen sink mixture.

Also, to those who use cinnamon flavored juice – the cinnamon oil has a tendency to break down the plastic in tanks and clearomizers. You might want to consider looking into a stainless steel or glass tank for that juice.

I like the throat hits on the NJOY disposables, but even moreso, i like the soft and light weight feel to the actual ecig. I have yet to see a re-chargeable with that same soft and light cigarette feel - they all seem to have that heavy metallic, stiff feel to them, like a ceramic almost. Does anyone know of a re-chargeable ecig package with the same light and soft feel of the NJOY disposables?