NJOY e-cig disposable vs rechargeable

My first introduction to e-cigs was a disposable NJOY King sold at 7-Eleven. I have to tell you I’m impressed with the hit and flavor of this thing. Problem is, as others have pointed out, the battery doesn’t last long and it ends up costing more than smoking analogs. I tried the Blu disposable, which lasted longer, but had no throat hit and it felt weaker to me…of course this may just be my imagination.

I’d like to get a rechargeable unit to save money as well as my health. I called the company to inquire about the similarities between the NJOY King and the rechargeable unit and they tell me the rechargeable juice is 1.8mg nicotine while the King disposable is 4.5mg nicotine (i’m not sure if this is per ml or what but the Kings are like 3x stronger). The rep I spoke to said that the higher nicotine level is responsible for the better throat hit. So, unfortunately, you can’t expect the rechargeable to give you the same effect as the disposable.

Does anyone have any experience using the NJOY king disposable as well as the NJOY rechargeable unit? I’m curious if there is a big difference between the two. The company also told me that the rechargeable is similar to the ONEJoy disposable units that they also sell so if anyone has experience with those I’d appreciate a review. I would just hate to spend the money getting their kit only to find that it is nothing like the unit I’ve tried and love. Any advice?

I had the same experience as you did with the Njoy disposable (good taste, died quickly) so recently purchased the rechargeable package. It is not quite as bold but does last longer. A friend also told me that the filter-like part is where the “taste” resides and that it can dry out and lose effectiveness. I bought some refills and after changing from the “filter” that came with the kit to a fresh refill the taste was much stronger for longer. The refills are sealed in plastic so are fresher than the one that came in the starter kit, I suppose. I’ve also learned that I can’t draw on them like I did a regular cig. My habit was to draw smoke into my mouth and then inhale it – I found that drawing straight into my lungs (more like a joint - or so I’m told) is more effective.

I don’t think it will end up being significantly cheaper than smoking, but I don’t have to drive around with the windows open in the winter now, either. I also don’t seem to smoke as much, I can take a puff or two and put it away. I would never stub out half a cig - even if I didn’t particularly want the last half. It may be delusional, but I also believe that it has to be at least marginally healthier/less deadly than actual cigarettes, too.


Was the throat hit similar? Also, they claim each refill is equivalent to 2 packs of smokes…do you think this is true? I thought the battery was the problem with the disposable but maybe it was running out of juice instead.

If each refill is equivalent to 2 packs then this would be a substantial savings over smoking. One full “carton” is only 22 bucks with free shipping

I recently had a crisis: my charger broke, and I stupidly didn’t have a spare on hand. I had to buy those NJoy things for three days while I waited for new chargers to arrive.

I found NJoy to be absolutely worthless. The throat hit was negligible, and they died after about four hours (2 packs my ass). At $8 a pop, I would have been better off going back to cigarettes.

Please do yourself a favor and research starter kits online. There are many companies that have products far superior to NJoy. And I promise you’ll save tons of money in the long run.

Were you using the NJOY King or the OneJoy? The King bold has a good throat hit but, as you say, they absolutely do not last as long as two packs and you’ll go broke if you use them regularly.

Starter kits are an investment. Spend quite a bit of money upfront and you still might not have a good product. Shop around everywhere for juice that suits you and you’ve easily spend a hundred bucks or more. I am looking for scalability…find a disposable that I enjoy and buy a rechargeable that is very similar if not identical to the disposable. I realize that may not be possible but that’s why I’m seeking advice. For instance, the disposable Blu has zero throat hit and almost zero taste so I won’t be purchasing their starter kit.

The NJOY King does have a higher level of nicotine than other ecigs. I’d say that generally 24 mg/ml is considered Strong, 12 to 18 = Medium, and 6 to 8 = Mild.

Most ecig liquids are a combination of VG and PG with nicotine and some flavoring. Throat hit comes from PG (propylene glycol). Vapor comes from VG (vegetable glycerin). The nicotine gives you the head rush.

Typical liquids have been 70% PG and 30% VG to give both good throat hit and good vapor, but they can range anywhere from 0 to 100% of either.

There are lots of crappy ecigs on the market that will only frustrate you, and there are advanced expensive ones that will confuse you. Get yourself a Joye eGo starter kit and order some small bottles of juice from a few different makers to see what you like.

Here’s a recent thread with some links:

Everyone who comes to the world of ecigs undergoes something of a “journey” while finding the right solution for them. Having gone through this all relatively recently myself, maybe I can help. First of all, you should read the ecig forums at www.e-cigarette-forum.com. They have good advice in the sticky posts in the New Members section.

The most important thing to note is, pretty much anything you buy over the counter at a gas station or walmart or mall kiosk is going to suck. And a lot of online ecigs suck, as well. The thing is, a lot of places have a proprietary cartridge system that they use to keep sucking ongoing costs from your wallet, similar to cigarettes. IMO, the best solution is to get a solid, affordable, modular ecig that doesn’t require you to sign up for proprietary parts. I personally have experience with the eGo mini kit and 510 auto & manual battery kits. In those, the “cartridge” is not proprietary and does not contain liquid. It’s also interchangeable and could be either a cartomizer, atomizer, or clearomizer depending on your preference. You can get empty cartos/attys/clearos (as they’re called) super cheap through online retailers like MadVapes, then just fill them with the liquid of your choice and vape away. However, word of advice: I’ve tried multiple 510 ecigs and an eGo mini kit, and didn’t have a very good experience with any of them (they worked pretty well, but fizzled out within a month or 2).

IMO, the truly challenging aspect of approaching ecigs in a more modular way is to find an e-liquid you like, and stick with it. I personally would recommend either Irish Mintz or Strawberry Daiquiri from MadVapes, or Vapin’ Chimp from Heather’s Heavenly Vapes. But obviously, it’s a very personal thing. Everyone else seems to love RY4, and I think it tastes terrible. And keep in mind, a lot of liquids may taste crappy at first, but be really good once you “steep” them for a week by leaving them out uncapped (it helps the flavor mature).

Anyway. I’m waiting on a kGo ecig kit right now (should arrive today or tomorrow) that cost me $44 after a coupon code and shipping. It comes with two batteries, two clearomizers (which are like a small tank with a mouthpiece that you put e-liquid into, then inhale from), a usb charger and wall converter… basically everything you need to smoke an ecig, except the liquid. It looks great, and according to reviews should last at least 10-12 months. I can send you the link to read the reviews, if you’re interested and choose to PM me. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I’ve just gone through MANY forum threads and read piles of recommendations, and the kGo keeps coming up. I’ve watched videos of people vaping with the kGo, and it seems to be everything I’ve been looking for. Eventually I may upgrade to a variable voltage (vv) model of ecig, which can help get the most out of your juice, but they’re kind of expensive and more advanced than I require anyway.

So, that was a lot of information. Yikes! But if nothing else, just read the ecig forum before you make any concrete decisions. You can also sign up with an account and ask this question over there. They give really good advice, and I guarantee they’ll steer you away from the choice you’re about to make. Good luck :slight_smile:

I recently purchased this kit for myself (I heard about this kit here on the Dope), then I purchased the same kit for my daughter. Comes with two batteries, USB charger, 5 cartomizers and a big bottle of juice. After a bit of trial and error and purchasing different flavors and nicotine strengths, I settled on the 16mg/ml (1.6%) and my flavor of choice is the Cinnamon. $44.95 - free shipping. It’s a very good deal and the ecig has good vapor volume and good throat hit.

I did try several of the disposables before I purchased the kit and found that the Blu disposable was crap. The only disposable that seemed any good was the Nicstick, but I have no idea how long it lasts. Like other disposables, probably not as long as advertized.

This. I am not sure how much more performance can be obtained with variable voltage. The KGO that I got is simple and easy to use.

Yeah everyone who’s anyone seems to like the kGo. I’m so excited!

My kGo came! And wow, it’s the best ecig I’ve ever owned. And definitely very reasonably priced. I got two of those full units, plus a USB charger and wall converter. It hits better than any ecig I’ve ever tried, and the battery life is crazy long because it’s rated at 1100 mah. So happy!

It’s great, isn’t it? MUCH better than any disposable.

One thing I’ve noticed about the rechargeables is that people mention they typically use it for 15 minutes straight or so as opposed to a cigarette. One of the things I do like about the disposable king is that it hits like a cigarette…two or three puffs is all it takes. Is the kGo kinda like that? I see the juice goes as high as 32 mg/ml which would be about equivalent to the Gold Kings.

Me, too. Much better than the Safe Cig.
With the cartomizer tank they are great and a single battery and tank will last most of the day.
Thanks again to whoever recommended them on the 'Dope.

How long does the cart that comes with the kit last? Do you have to refill it several times a day?

They are a pain. You soak them to get them started, and squirt some more nicotine into them every thirty minutes or so. The cartomizer tanks I fill three times a day. I change batteries in the evening and morning.

3.5 ml (in the tank link you quoted) is a lot of eliquid. The tank that came with mine is only 1.6ml, and I can’t see using that much in a day (as a moderate to heavy vaper). I guess a truck driver vaping constantly ALL day long might be able to go through 3.5 ml, but if it’s full-strength eliquid he might get sick (too much nicotine!).

As far as plain old cartomizers, yeah you have to refill them several times a day. That’s why I think it’d be better to go straight to a tank or clearomizer. The reservoir is big enough that you should only have to fill it once a day (or maybe less).

But I mean, if you do go with non-tank cartomizers, you can always fill up a few backups and bring them with you. That’s a good idea anyway, because no cartridge lasts forever. When I buy cartos/clearos, I always try to buy 3-5 at a time. They’re not expensive, shipping’s the same either way, and it’s always good to have a backup. :slight_smile:

BTW if you want a starter kit that comes with the tank clearomizers I have instead of the Boge cartomizers, this is the one I purchased. It doesn’t come with liquid, but their liquid is really good. I got the cinnamon apple pie and it tastes just like it. Read all the information there before you make a final purchase, though, and keep in mind that 100% vg eliquid doesn’t work in clearos (it’s too viscous). Their default mix is 60/40, which works GREAT.

I have a small bottle of e-liquid with a needle tip and keep it in the car with an extra battery charging in the cigarette lighter.

Whoa. You must really work yours.

For me, a fully charged battery will last a bit more than two days. I top the cartomizer up with a few drops of juice about twice a day.

The Boge 510 cartomizers that I use are completely dry when new, and need to be soaked with juice before use. This is a trivial task.

The cartomizers don’t last forever, I’ve been told. The Boge 510 (LR) cartomizers that I use are cheap, though. 5 new ones are $7.15 from my source. I’ve been using one carto for about three weeks now, and it’s still fine.

The batteries don’t last forever either, but I’ve read the the KGO batteries that I have are good for about 500-600 recharge cycles.