No 60 Minutes? College ball game instead?

Is this something Trump did? They’re showing a ball game instead of 60 Minutes. Where can I find it???

Have patience. At least they didn’t cut away from the Duke game to Heidi. :smiley:

It will air after the game. They do this all the time.

Bad scheduling. A lot of people who are not regular 60 Minutes watchers won’t stick around waiting for a game to end. Could have had monster ratings, but not now, with the game in overtime.

So we will see the entire interview eventually?

There’s a transcript of it here.

All the President’s Men can’t keep a lid on this thing, but some gym teacher shuts it down. Crazy.

The most annoying part is there’s no way to tell when it starts without watching the game. :mad:

The game ended 5 minutes ago and 60 Minutes just started.

Off you go!

Right because no one watches March Madness.

Judging by the average demographic of TV viewers, the outcome of the Mudhens vs Lady Pumas* game was more important to the TV’s viewership than Liberal Media Fake News.

*(I know, I know… Mountain Goats vs Sugarbeeters.)

Well, some do, but fewer & fewer each year. Downward trend for some years now.

I’m surprised no one realizes this is regular practice in the Eastern/Central time zones; sports events on Sunday that run late almost always delay “60 Minutes” and that’s why Sunday sports events on CBS usually say “60 Minutes” will start “after the game” instead of mentioning a specific time. Of course the Mountain and Pacific zones will see this on time.

CBS needs to do a better job of scheduling and start events 30 minutes earlier. This happens weekly during the NFL season and frequently for other sporting events. They can do additional recaps and highlights for the few minutes remaining before 60 minutes starts.

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It ran at its regular time on the Left Coast. I taped it and just watched it. She is very impressive. I believe the former FEC chair who they interviewed also is the guy who helped Colbert set up his PAC.

I’m having trouble finding the ratings for the game itself but it looks to me like the post game show beat 60 Minutes. People may be overestimating how much most people care what she has to say.

As as been covered here many times they do a decent job of scheduling. No one wants to watch a taped sporting event and they have to optimize East/West Coast viewership. The majority of the time it works out fine. It’s only when there is overtime that they run into a time conflict. If it didn’t work in their favor they wouldn’t pay that much money to broadcast the games.

Live sporting events are what pay the networks’ bills. They’re not going to change the way they handle them to make it easier for fewer people to watch other stuff.

I enjoyed this. The two “gym teachers” involved earned $14M last year.