Its 9pm why is this stupid amazing race still on?

Looking and tv guide and Cold case was supposed to start at 9:00pm est. Instead Amazing race keeps going. I hate ‘reality TV’ Make it stop so I can watch Cold Case. Thanks

Blame the NCAA playoffs.

What mobo85 said; apparently the game ran over an hour and a half long. I turned on the TV to try and catch 60 Minutes and the game was still in the 2nd quarter.

No, the game was in the 2nd half. There are no quarters in NCAA basketball.

Fuck. Guess that means my DVR will have missed the end of the Amazing Race. Is the show available to watch on the CBS website? I’d go look but I don’t want to see a big headline of who was eliminated this week.

Yes, it’s usually available at the CBS site. If you don’t want to wait or sit and watch it, you can read about it on this website I know something about: The Amazing Race 14, Episode 6: Indian Ink.

Yeah, CBS has full episodes on its website (link goes directly to the Video page…bypassing the front page). On my browser at least, the website is set up such that you have to scroll down a little bit to see spoilerish stuff, while the link to open the episode is in a spoiler-free zone at the top of the page

Note there will be spoilerish stuff if you scroll down, as they have an “Elimination Station” video each week and the thumbnail picture will probably be the two eliminate-ees. Nothing new posted yet tonight though.

I blame people who watch the show. If they’d stop, The Amazing Race would never be on.

I thought it was strange that the game would be running that late. I don’t follow sports, professional or collegiate. I was going by the info thingy on the bottom of the screen that showed something like “2nd 11:22” and equating it with what I’ve seen when the football games are running late and screwing up the Sunday night schedules.

Heck, I blame the people who watch sports. Football, basketball, golf, car racing, whatever. There seems to be at least one of them screwing up the rest of schedule every weekend.

I bet you thought your show wouldn’t be on until midnight!

I blame people who watch stupid sports. If they’d stop, the Race would never be delayed like it always is during football season. Stupid football.

What was annoying is that I had the DVR set to record it. My DVR lets me adjust the end time in multiple minutes, or 15 minutes, or 30 minutes, or an hour and a half, or three hours; I wasn’t sure if an hour and a half would be long enough, but I also didn’t want to have to fast-forward through two hours or previous programming. So I ending up setting the DVR to also record the following show and extended the recording time of that by an hour and a half.