Amazing Race 13 Running 45 minutes late!

The title says it all. Reset your VCRs and DVRs!

The game ended about 7:15 here. That would be 15 minutes late, wouldn’t it?

Thanks for this. I would have been quite pissed after the game to find out I’d recorded 60 Minutes instead of TAR.

Wait, is it 45 or 15 minutes? The answer decides whether or not I put my kids to bed. Central time zone here.

It looks like it’s not 15. I’m listening to 60 Minutes still and I don’t hear Andy Rooney’s voice. I could have sworn the game ended at 7:15, though.

Well, in St. Louis 60 Minutes started at 6:45. YMMV!

I guess it depends on the time zone. In the Eastern Time Zone, it started at 8:45, being 45 minutes back.

You guys all gotta come to the West coast. Football delays? What’s that? :cool:

Well, we might as well use this thread rather than opening a new one.

Spoilered since west coasters wandering in might not be ready for talking about the episode…

[spoiler]That was a nice albeit low key episode. Well designed tasks, a wide search of the countryside, and a stupid team gets eliminated. Having Phil’s dad as a greeter was neat but I could just picture this conversation after sunset:

Phil’s Dad: So son, you just stand out in fields waiting for people.
Phil: My job does have a lot more to it.
Phil’s Dad: I’m just asking since there’s a lot of standing.
Phil: We have to wait for the last teams.
Phil’s Dad: Your brother Chad’s veternary practice still could use some help…
Phil: Sigh

Phil’s Dad: Where’s yer kiwi accent when yer on the telly?
Phil: Fine, dad. I’ll tell them about the trip for coming in first using my accent.

I think the kiwi juicing task could have been much faster but a lot of teams did it poorly.

Mmmm…fresh kiwi juice! Now with added footsweat and blood! Drink up!

I noticed Phil’s accent was in evidence during the whole first team segment.

I called the ending…when they were still on the Gordian knot task I said to supervenusfreak, “The Pinks are going tonight. It was only a matter of time.”

Not a Gordian Knot. That was a Monkey’s Fist if I ever saw one.

Took me right out of the episode right there…

The Fast Forward was decently designed. Attempting the task involved a major time investment. However, I saw no way that a second team could have passed the first team, meaning essentially that whoever got there first was racing against the clock, lest they suffer the indignity of winning the FFWD and not coming in first.

I was impressed how Kelly & Christy treated the kiwifruit as essentially a spa treatment. It was so in character, and also threw off other teams’ expectations!

I expect some major bunching at the start of the next leg. It seems to me that the first team arrived at the pit stop around mid-day, and the next to last team after sunset. Otherwise, we already know who’s going to win and who’s going to lose on the next leg. Peeking at Wikipedia, the next leg starts with another long plane flight, so the six-ish hour lead could vanish at the airport. (Or maybe not – they may grab an early, 1 AM or so flight, and the trailing teams might get stuck on a 4 AM flight. Tune in next week, same Phil-time, same Phil-channel.)

And may I just note that, much as I find Dan cute as hell, he’s an asshole. Andrew has (as far as we’ve seen) been nothing but helpful, supportive and positive this whole thing so far, and Dan can’t seem to find anything good to say to him.

I wanted someone to ask for a sword.

Phil’s Dad was great. I really enjoyed that bit. Phil’s accent not only drifted in Kiwi, but was downright globe-trotting all on its own. For a time there at the end it was all over the place, not really NZ, not really sorta American. It was quite funny, but being Phil, also damned cute.

I’m not surprised that the blondes were eliminated. A phrase like “dumber than a bag of hair” could have been invented just for them. They seemed like decent people, just fairly naive and dim. They could have gone earlier in the Race if not for the mistake by the geeks last week.

It’s interesting to see that they may be racing backwards around the globe again. I was just happy at the beginning to see that they’d left South America. I was then happy to see them in NZ where you can always expect some slightly odd and usually dangerous sport to pop up

Everyone was on the same flight to New Zealand. Then Terrence and Sarah had untied the knot, driven to the hilltop, and identified the tattoo while it was still dark. The blondes didn’t even get to the marina until it was fully light out. How did they get so far behind, so quickly?

I think it was just as simple as them getting lost while driving to the tasks. That’s the way it looked, anyway.

It was definitely a Monkey Fist or Monkey Paw, not a Gordian knot. A Gordian Knot has no free ends and therefore no good way to untie it, hence the sword. I used to tie Monkey Fists all the time.

I sort of hoped the blondes would be the penultimate team; Aja & whatsisname are getting irritating.

As we get further into this race something has come to mind regarding everyone’s favorite team Castrated Man and Plastic Woman… er… Ken and Tina. Given that the race lasts around a month of real time we the viewers will be able to watch her face slowly melt like a wax dummy as the botox injections wear off.

How did the Blondes bleed so much time? Did they get to Wellington before they realized they were driving in the wrong direction?

How can a grown man not know how to change a tire? My fifteen-year-old daughter knows basic car maintenance and she cannot even drive yet, Jeepers.

Maoris are confirmed as being on my list of the top five coolest cultures in the world. The amount of fun they were having scaring the gringos moved them up to just below Scots for me.

I’m not hating Botox-woman as much after this week. She climbed that tower with no more bitching than was actually called for. I guess she can be nice as long as everything is going her way.

I want a Blo-Cart.

Yeah for Phil’s Dad! Awesome is hereditary.