The Amazing Race 11/25/07 - "Let's Name Our Chicken Phil"

Last week: Evil Dad literally busted a gut, Lorena busted my eardrums, Julianna busted a cardinal rule of the Race and the camels Just. Were. Not. Having It.

This week: Chickens? More animals? Huzzah! Football delay probable so be prepared.

Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck. First it’s delayed here because of football, the Ravens game. Then when that game is over, what does CBS do? They switch to the Chicago/Denver game! And now that stupid game has gone into overtime! Here it is 7:45, and they haven’t even started 60 Minutes – the Race is probably not going to be starting until at least 9:00 Eastern time, just to warn everyone. Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck! :frowning:

Looks like it will be colse to an hour late when it starts, damn football.

Definitely about an hour late here. 60 Minutes started at 7:55.

60 Minutes just started, so the Race should start tonight at nearly 9 ET.

The good news is I just got my wireless network set up, so I can snark during the episode with the rest of you.

Maybe it is just me, but football isn’t even an interesting game.

No kidding. How can one even compare mudbog-jumping, camel milking and relationship meltdowns to football?

Overtime where the Bears come back twice to tie in the last seconds? While I don’t spend my entire Sunday in front of the tube waching football anymore, that’s a game I’d pick to watch.

Yes! Evil chickens for the entire leg!

Well, now we know why a chicken.

It’s much more interesting than previous races’ “Carry this advertising gimmick, for no good reason.”

Since when is winning a turn-taking enterprise? Really? “You should have let us win cause you’ve won twice before”? Is she five?

OK, because I haven’t grown up on a farm, I feel it necessary to point out that from the safety and comfort of my couch, baby goats are damned cute. I mean, I wouldn’t want one for Christmas or anything (I want a hippopotamus, duh), but they’re really quite adorable.

Also, I am not a big fan of the blondes, but I feel I must throw some of my considerable weight behind anyone who recognizes that using the features of the game as the creators intended is not cheating or bad karma, dammit. Thanks for that. Shana is now forgiven for dating Ryan Seacrest, IMO.

… I am impressed, but somehow not surprised, that the blondes know stripper dance moves.

The chickens did not provide as much hijinks as I had hoped, but I thought it was great that Vyxsyn (sic) carried hers as if it were a pet. And with the loss of make-up, Kynt isn’t nearly as ugly as he had begun the race.

The elimination left me feeling a little uncomfortable - I don’t think that couple is an even match. Plus, the guys moustache is just weird.

Can the camera operators carry a cloth with them next episode? There was a big blob in the middle of the picture for half the time tonight.

A week too late but thank Jebus that screeching harridan and her sleazy looking boyfriend are gone. And Phil’s happy too. I could’ve lived without the artificial drama of the last ten minutes. Do the editors not know by now that if they spend that much time cutting back and forth between one team fretting about another one catching up and the other team vowing their Texas Chainsaw Revenge that the plotting and scheming team is gone?

I am not particularly happy that the chickens were stuffed into bags for an entire day or that goats were carted around. I don’t mind if animals appear on the Race but only if they have the opportunity to fight back.

Good Detour choices. Nice curve ball of the ten-minute penalty for failing to shake your booty in a sufficiently crowd-pleasing manner. I still have to think that the dance was the better choice even with the possible ten minutes. It can’t take that long to learn that dance and there’s no guarantee (unless the mines were salted) that you’d even find an ounce of gold. I wonder if any of the mining teams slipped a few nuggets into their pockets on the sly? Always good to have something to barter with down the line…

Enough bike riding for a while I think. There’s been bike riding on every leg but one so far.

Lorena and Jason did a decent job of looking normal and well adjusted this episode.

I agree with the fact that features of the game are there to be used. No karma or anything need be invoked. That said, why U-turn the last team, and not the one closest to you? I guess it somehow ensure you will not be last (and that the victim team will not be there to hate you the next leg), but I am not sure that is the way I would have played it.

Both Jason and the tall kid with grandpa spoke spanish to the natives today.

The previews for next week look very promising. Plenty of hurt for several teams.

The chicken were a total disappointment. No team had anything close to trouble with them.

Amen to that. I understand that bikes are a common means of tranportation around the world, but must every episode involve some biking? I might be partial on this issue since I never learned to ride a bike, though.

I agree. I was waiting for a team to get caught up in a race to the Pit Stop and suddenly find out that they forgot their chicken at the market… by which point the chick was out of the bag.

The blondes interviewed that they thought Jason and (F)Lorena were the team right behind them, instead of TK and Rachel, and thought that Jason and (F)Lorena were such strong Racers that they needed to create some distance.

Which is stupid.

They had to know they weren’t last or next to last. Putting distance between themselves and the next team in line (whoever they thought that team was), who are also not last or next to last, is a poor use of the U-Turn. You U-Turn (or in past seasons Yield, which, is the Yield gone in favor of the U-Turn?) to push back a team that’s well back in hopes that the added burden will get them Philiminated.

Jen’s comment about “sharing the limelight” was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. While I think it’s pretty annoying when teams who are comfortably in the middle of the pack take unnecessary risks to move up a place or two, it makes perfect sense to get yourself into first place if you can. You don’t know what you’re going to win.

I thought the dance challenge was fantastic. Interesting to see how people’s “creativity” manifested itself. And the shots of the onlookers were priceless. I loved those two guys–one just couldn’t stop laughing and the other had such a look on his face…if “WTF” were in the dictionary, the definition could just be a picture of him.