Amazing Race 13 Running 45 minutes late!

Great episode - single bunching at airport arrival, then no bunching ever again. All the episodes should be like that - airport drama just isn’t the same as people getting lost or driving on the wrong side of the road, bitching about how hard the tasks were, grown men unable to change tires, etc. The Maori warriors were great too - we loved it when they grabbed the pattern away from a player and ran off with it. And for all that Dallas didn’t even know where New Zealand was, he did know that the Maoris were cannibals - “I just hope they don’t eat my mom.”

Phil’s dad was entertaining. I’m betting though, that if Andrew and Dan were the last to arrive and in distress, he wouldn’t have offered to hug them.

I enjoyed the episode, but I can’t figure out how the teams got so spread out. The all arrived on the same flight. Then: go to the marina, untie the knot, go to the hilltop, find your Maori, go to the giant Kiwi, and stomp or ride the carts, then go to the pitstop.

Did we see anyone getting really lost? It just seemed like by the end they were separated by several hours.

However, I’m assuming that this race was filmed this summer, which was winter in NZ, so sunset may have as early as late afternoon.

I noticed a couple of the Maori warriors had old military style caps on. Doe that symbolize anything, like “someone in my family ate an officer back in the day”?

I forgot about the flat tire. And they still got to the marina ahead of the blondes. I don’t remember seeing them getting so lost, but maybe the Amazing Editors didn’t want to give away the ending.

I’m thinking it might have gone differently:Phil: You know that TV show I do, and how we have a local greeter at every stop? Well, we blew all our budget on feathered bicycle helmets, and…
Phil’s Dad: Can I tell embarassing stories about you?
Phil: Sure. <under his breath>We can edit those out.
Phil’s Dad: Okay, I’ll do it.
Phil: Great. Can me and 40 friends crash on the couch?

And how does one juice kiwi poorly? I think the key was to unblock the spout. From the inside. Where the goop was.

Is anyone doing a Taxi Assessment this week?

For those following along with the hypothetical Race in my head, I have the eye for detail.

Totally baffled as to how the blondes wound up hours behind the leaders.

And it was interesting how different teams dealt with the kiwi stomping – for some it was impossible; for others it was no big deal. La de dah, squish, squish, let’s go.

I had no idea Phil was a Kiwi – I just thought he talked funny. But once I knew, I started noticing those weird vowel sounds that NZ’ers do (“mat” almost becomes “meat”.)