Amazing Race (11/20/11) - "It's Speedo Time!"

And we’ve got a delay! Four minutes left in the Chargers-Bears game. So probably a 7:20 start time for 60 Minutes, then 8:20 for TAR.

You were close. 60 minutes is starting now, 25 minutes late.

We went to another game after the Bears game, so I was upset. 60 Minutes is in little segments so why don’t they just cut a couple of segments to make the rest of the evening run on time? They used to do that, and I’m sorry they stopped. I was much more pro-60 Minutes until they did a segment on something I actually knew about and after i saw how they handled it i quit watching the show.

Come on Amazing Race!!

Loved the bronzed and posing Phil! And we have a rare (for this season) clue-box sighting!

Boy, that saxophone consort was having trouble being in tune with each other. (I played baritone sax in high school band…knowing how heavy THAT is, I don’t ever want to have to lug a contrabass sax like the one that consort had around!)

The bodybuilding thing was frikkin’ hilarious. One of the best tasks EVAH!

Though it would have all come to nothing, I was pretty amazed that Ernie & Cindy, thinking that they were going to be booted off of the train and out of the Race unless they could come up with enough $$$ to re-purchace their tickets weren’t actively, frantically working the other passengers for a little bit of spare change.

I certainly get not wanting to beg in places like Cameroon or Cambodia, where millions of people are living on the equivalent of pennies a day, but in a wealthy country like Germany, I would not have hesitated whatsoever to hit up others for some kickdown Euro love for the chance to continue in the hunt for a million bucks.

Also, they certainly didn’t feature almost any footage of Sandy in her bikini, despite the fact that she is quite obviously the most attractive female Racer left.

(Que the contrarians chiming in to proclaim how gorgeous Cindy, Amani & Cathi are and how Sandy is too hideous for words)

You have to admit that he older couple handled this task pretty well. The previews for next week had no footage of Bill and Cathi…

Please don’t spoil with preview talk - even what’s not in there. Some of us actively avoid previews.

They should have made them hail a cab and run to the mat in their Speedos.

What the hell was that? You’re not allowed to stiff a cab driver, you’re not allowed to barter possessions, but you’re allowed to allowed to ride a train without a ticket as long as you don’t get caught?

What the fuck?

It’s a little bit different situation than stiffing a cab driver. They actually DID buy the tickets, and then they lost them. They wouldn’t have been able to prove it if a ticket collector had come by, but they weren’t really stealing the ride or anything.

Failing to pay for travel is entirely different then not having to deal with the consequences of losing something they already had. I actually find it unlikely that an actual paper ticket is the only possible means of travel, and they would likely have been okay (not racewise, but legally) - maybe a delay at the station while they worked it out.

It makes no sense at all that Ernie & Cindy would not have gone back to the counter once they knew they lost their tickets, unless it was closed. That’s a possibility given the departure time. They told the conductor they lost their receipt, too, but it still smells funny to me.

The continuation leg was pretty obvious once they had the train bottleneck show up. At the very least it had to be non-elim.

Not that my personal experiences count for very much, but I have taken a LOT of random train trips around Europe, (including the Cologne to Brussels run from tonight’s episode) and I can’t ever remember NOT being asked for my tickets.

I am sure it happens on rare occasion, but it certainly seemed a wee bit coincidental to me as well…:dubious:

Ernie and Cindy haven’t even checked in to the Pit Stop yet. That’s where any penalties are assessed. Besides, they DID pay for their tickets.

A few seasons ago a team had their passports, and then they lost them. And then they had to deal with the consequences of not having them anymore. Losing train tickets should be handled the same way.

But they dealt with the consequence: the risk of getting caught.

My apologies. I thought if it had aired it was no longer a spoiler.

I believe (but have no cite) that begging has been outlawed during the race. You can ask someone to help you, you can ask someone to buy something for you, but you can’t just hit people up for cash. I suppose they could have a rule as to begging being allowed in countries with a per-capita income above a certain level, but I guess that would be too complicated.

Actually, there’s a Race rule that you have to have your passports when you check in at the mat, period. Zev & Justin were eliminated because they lost their passports during a leg, even though they traveled no more than a few miles between where they lost them and the Pit Stop.

And if you can talk your cabbie into accepting less cash than the fare actually was, or even get him to drive you for free, that’s OK too - like Liz & Marie did a few weeks ago. You can’t stiff a cabbie - if he’s still demanding money, you can’t walk away, but if you can talk him into letting you off the hook, you can proceed. Dan & Andrew talked a Moscow cabbie into taking less than the full fare after they spent most of their cash on shoes at the airport. (BTW, googling "Amazing Race marching idiots goes straight to multiple videos of them trying & failing the marching task.)

I smell producer intervention on the absent train conductor.

I hope I’m not the only one, but I’ve suspected for some time that Ernie has a secret and Cindy is clueless about it. After watching him posing last night, I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Hoping hoping hoping ma & pa make it through.

BTW, we seem to have forgotten the “recite the poem with emotion” task, which I thought was pretty good also – esp. since two got sent back for getting the words right but having neither gestures nor inflection.

One thing I’ve got to say about this season, there have been some really good tasks, not at all same-old-same-old. Remember building a coral reef? Props to the producers for that.