The Amazing Race 2009.11.22 (half-hour football delay) [edited title for merged threads]

CBS has the late game this week, so I would guess TAR will not be on time. Plan accordingly

Episode Title **“We’re Not Working With Anybody, Ever, Anymore!” **

Down to four teams, does that mean the finale is next week? Seems like it is finishing early this season.

Football just ended, so TAR will be approximately 1/2 hour late.

The brothers really aren’t very smart, are they?

Also, Ericka is just a bitch. Even when she was wrong, she gets mad at Brian for going along with her wrongness.

was it bad of me to cheer on the cab driver as the gay bros. took it from team zebra? I was disappointed with the end of the show.

Prague? Its a country! Everyone know that.

WTF!!! non-elimination???

And Dan (the older one, who is far more obnoxious) apparently thinks he is quite the sophistocate, as when he condesendingly told his younger brother that Prague is a country.

Bad enough you dont know the right answer, (who hasnt heard of Prague) but it REALLY makes you look like an asshole when you act the know-it-all and are actually completely wrong…

Very weird interaction between these two during this leg. Wasn’t it Brian who steered them to the shuttle bus at the airport (saying that was the advice they got on the plane), and Ericka said the other teams took taxis? Then once they did switch to a taxi, he said it wasn’t her fault and she started biting his head off. WTH?

The capper was when they were looking for the old car. Did she snap her fingers at him?

FTR, Sam is the older brother. Dan is the obnoxious one.

Boy, the Gaybros are pretty. Really, really dumb, but pretty. If we could just keep them from talking…

God, that Roadblock was nasty. Not only empty real mandolin cases, but other instrument decoys, too!

No dollars for this leg of the race. How do they pay cab and bus and train fare?

I guess for some reason I assumed that the taller one was also the older one…

And Ericka has to be one of the most entitled, and seemingly disinterested people I can remember on the Amazing Race-----“I shouldnt have to look under all these chairs!”

I think Brian seems like a very nice guy, but what he sees in Ericka is beyond me.

Money saved from previous legs.

And as if there weren’t enough places to look, the instruments (at least the last one) were taped to the bottom of chairs. But the laughing opera singer was worth it.

Team Zebra got another of Ericka’s Roadblocks out of the way without being eliminated. That’s a definite plus for them.

That should not have been a non-elimination leg. All the teams were even to start, three played mistake free and one, as is usual for them, made a big mistake, and deserved to be eliminated. Next week we will probably have a flat tire or other delay knocking out one of the good teams and letting what’s-their-names go through to the final.

I’m kind of surprised that Flight Time’s deliberate blocking of Meghan and Cheyne on the scaffolding was allowed in the rules. The fairer way to run that is to say that no team member can leave the scaffold alone…if the team, as a whole, isn’t done, then neither member is done.

That would be a reasonable rule, but he was asked by the people manning the scaffolding to go down, it isn’t like it was his idea.

Must say I don’t really understand the dislike of Team Zebra (I really should know their name by now, though), it is the brothers who I like least (though I’m not bothered by them stealing the cab).

have u watched the previous episodes?

The black beauty queen is one of the most annoying harpies that aired on the Amazing Race. They’re only more tolerable because her husband is the total opposite and pretty much takes all her shit, is patient, knows how to deal with her personality and pretty much makes the team actually work. The Gay Bros. are normal brothers to me, they bicker, shout at each other and aren’t always apologetic to each other when they’re in each others faces. They’re annoying because they grate on each other when things don’t go right. They also think they know a lot more than they actually know.

The blondes are a good team because they aren’t totally assholish in behaviour and the globetrotters are well liked because they let tons of shit slide. Like the blonde girl said, they’ll use negativity as motivation to do better, which is a good asset, rather than steaming and plotting revenge they just try to do good in the race.

That’s how i see it.

There was something else unusual about the Detour. Most of the time, if one Detour task turns out to be too difficult or too slow, a team can switch to the other. This time, once you were on the ropes, so to speak, it seemed like you were pretty much stuck with it. The way the ropes sagged, getting to the middle was easy. Once you were there, you might as well finish as go back.

I never really thought about it before. Can anybody remember any other Detours like that?

I’ve watched the entire season. She doesn’t bother me. Her last of effort at the concert hall tonight was the first time I’ve had issue with her and I assume that was mostly because she knew they’d already lost. Mostly she just makes me amazed at how low some people’s threshold for calling someone a bitch.

But maybe I just don’t assume that the personality shown to me by reality show editors (though even in what is shown I don’t see much of a problem with her) is a perfect reflection of of the actual person. I don’t even assume that the brothers are people who would annoy me, but simply people who have been edited to annoy me (though why she’s a harpy and they’re constant harping is just normal brotherly behavior isn’t something I get).