Amazing Race Season Finale 12-6-09 [SPOILERS]

I checked my local TV listings and saw that the finale was only going to be 1 hour.

Am I mistaken in remembering that other final episodes have been 2 hour marathon legs?

That said, I cant fully root for any specific team, but the Brothers seem like the worst of the three remaining options…

If I was a betting man, I think I would pick Brian and Ericka, just because Brian seems like the most intelligent Racer left, and usually intelligence plays strongly in the final tasks. (I still think Ericka is about the worst single Racer left, not to mention a shrill prima dona, but she will continue to ride Brian’s coattails)

Some finales have been longer than an hour, but not all.

Chances are that there will be a bunching at the airport because I can’t see that there would be many flights from Prague to

Las Vegas

so any advantage the Malibu Ken and Barbie had going into the lag will be negated. Whoever does the tasks the best should win, which should rule out the brother

There should be no football delays for most of the country.

15-minute delay here.

Woo hoo! May not have liked them, but they totally deserved that win.

Has nobody but Brian ever seen a James Bond movie?

Obviously not.

Bum badda bum ba bum bum
Bum badda bum ba bum bum

That outcome satisfies me. Didn’t love 'em but they totally deserved it.

However, did anyone else wonder about Meghan’s comment in the post-race interview that Cheyne is a great friend. Oh, how I winced. Sent to Friendsville, Spike.

In other news, Ericka still a shrill bitch.

twickster, why didn’t you like them? Is is Cheaeyyeanne’s stupid spelling of his name, or is it his hair? :wink:

I liked them just fine, and of the three teams, they deserved it the most, IMO. I’m just sorry the Globetrotters weren’t in the final three.

I loved Erica’s hissy fit on the bungee thing. Damn, but she’s a shrew.

Anyone else notice how the workers at the Cirque du Soleil task were smirking at that whiny, self centered bitch Ericka when she finally completed the stunt

Brian seems like a decent guy; I hope for his sake that Ericka is much different in private than the loathesome public persona she has shown on the Race.

All I could think of during the casino chip challenge is how well the “Poker Chicks” would have done. That challenge was made for them.

Both. :smiley:

Didn’t dislike them – just never warmed to them – no personality.

They ran a hell of a race, though.

Does Vegas have a Casino Royale? :smiley:

At the end when she was talking about hoping that Brian had proved to her family that he deserves her, I was thinking to myself, “Good lord…if putting up with your near-Floness doesn’t prove his worth, nothing will.”

Heh. Seriously, though…has it been that long since Monaco was tabloid fodder? Am I just so old that nobody remembers the Monegasque royal family being a staple of the Star and the National Enquirer?

I was pretty impressed with the way Megan and Cheyne showed up last to the chip counting challenge and smoked the other teams so easily. Just showed to me how much they really did deserve the win.

Those blondes were so dumb! Dumb, dumb, dumb! But they had the ability to remain calm under pressure, so they totally deserved to win the race.

Yeah, I think the right team won. Anything else would have felt unfair.

But man, I lost some respect for them in this leg. Besides not knowing where Monte Carlo is (which Brian knew instantly, by the way), Cheyne thought “Mr. Las Vegas” might be Frank Sinatra?

Even if they don’t know Wayne Newton, wouldn’t a living performer be a better guess?

You, sir, have a different definition of dumb than I do then. Dumb does not win that challenge nor the race IMHO.

I really wish Wayne Newton wouldn’t have told Sam and Dan his name, just so they wouldn’t know whose house to go to.

But they’d just seen Elvis!

(I figured that even though it was a dumb remark, maybe he was thinking impersonater.)

It’s not that hard to count poker chips, as long as no one is yelling in your face.

On second thought, I rescind my opinion. The blondes were smart enough to work with each other instead of wasting energy by yelling.