Amazing Race 12/2/2012

Has there ever been a more pessimistic, self-pitying, unmotivated, defeatist, and just all-around useless team member in the history of Amazing Race than Josh? (he’s the tall one of the Goat Farmers).

It’s a shame that they didn’t go ahead and concede their race back in Amsterdam, allowing Abbie and Ryan to keep racing. It would have better for all involved, most certainly for us, the TV viewing audience.

It was also awfully hard to muster any sympathy for Lexi when she cut open her poor widdle leg, after she was ever so gleeful about conspiring to eliminate Abbie & Ryan a few hours earlier.

Finally, whoever came up with these bullshit tasks should be ashamed of themselves; I was literally cringing with embarrassment for the God-forsaken, alcoholic Spaniards who had to dress up like 6 year-olds and play the part of the matadors while a bunch of idiot Americans made fools of themselves for the teevee.

Does anyone know what the deal was with the greeter? Some famous Spanish comedian? A little-known Barcelona tradition of headless people? Someone in the Spanish witness protection program?

Did no one how to pronounce Mallorca?

Did anyone have flashbacks to Seinfeldand David Puddy when the Racers had to get a clue from “El Diablo”. (When Puddy starts screaming at the Priest in the Limo.)

Yes I had little sympathy for Lexi when she hurt her hand.

Any estimate how many tennis balls that machine holds?

It was kind of nice to see the team socializing in the sea.

I wrote my 1st post about Josh while still watching tonight’s episode, back while he had apparently given up on the tennis court, sitting in the shade and feeling sorry for himself.

Obviously he had a change of heart and pressed on; That said, he clearly has been checked out since the second or third leg, and his partner Brent is to be admired for not jumping down his throat and/or kicking him in the ass for his woe-is-me, sad-sack attitude, not that it would do any good…

Pity party aside, didn’t Brent mention in a voiceover that Josh has anxiety issues? For me, that puts his issues in a more understandable light. I give him a hell of a lot of credit, and it says a lot about their relationship that Brent hasn’t – and won’t – give up on him.

I’m not a fan of the twins, so I was overjoyed when they came in last. And of course it had to be a non elimination leg :rolleyes:

I didn’t get the thing with the Headless One either. I’m figuring it must be a famous Spanish comedian/entertainer, maybe? :confused:

I’m disappointed that nobody thought to tilt at the windmills after getting the clue from Don Quixote.

Brilliant! Let the guy with the bad ankle do the tennis task. Worst team ever.

I hate that they even did anything related to bull fighting. Surely there must be something else the area is famous for besides animal cruelty.

I’m so disappointed that it was a non-elimination leg. Bleah! I was ready to say good bye to the Twins.

At me to the list of people who didn’t get the headless greeter.

The tall goat farmer is still nowhere near as bad as Flo. He’s also gaining some confidence at the right time.

I’m totally on team Chippie at this point. They’ve grown on me. But at this point, I’m anyone but Twinnies, although damn if they’re not some of the best schemers the Race has ever seen.

I get the Twins are charming girls but I really don’t like them. Today we learned how they wasted their parents’ money on tennis lessons and Spanish lessons.

When the show made it clear they were last, I knew it was an NEL. Too bad.

I guess Batman is gay. It actually makes sense now.

The twins get less and less likable. Kind of surprised they didn’t do the bull run; I wonder if they were just wanted to have someone to follow and to compete with.

I’d like to see the goat boys or the Chippendales to be at the top.

For people wondering why the injured Beekman did the Roadblock, remember that they don’t know what the Roadblock actually entails until they decide who’s doing it. Now, granted, if you’re at a tennis club, it should be obvious that you’re going to be doing tennis. On the other hand, I haven’t been keeping track of who’s done what for Roadblocks on this team, so it may be that Josh HAD to take this one (and the next two, if they get that far).

I was really happy to see the Twins lose.

Then Phil started dragging out the mat talk and my heart sank as I realized it was a NEL.

Screw non-elimination legs. Worst part of the Amazing Race by far.

I too was wishing the annoying girls would go home. The Chippendales are almost as bad. The goat farmers are the ones I am rooting for. I’m a sucker for a good underdog comeback.

Ugh, I cannot stand the goat farmers. I have zero tolerance for incompetence in a competition show.

Taxi Assessment:

Stuck in the Desert and Officially Detained - or, Philiminated with extreme prejudice.
Rob & Sheila and Amy & Daniel and Caitlin & Brittany and Gary & Will and Rob & Kelley and James & Abba and Abbie & Ryan - Already eliminated.

Flat Tire - or, not likely to get anywhere soon.
No one.

Stopping for Gas - or, not broken-down, exactly, but not a good sign.
Josh & Brent (holding steady) - This is the sixth leg in a row that Josh & Brent have finished either last (in a NEL) or next-to-last. To be fair, they did out-perform Natalie & Nadiya on this episode, navigating and completing tasks more quickly than the Twinnies. Conversely, this is the first time Josh & Brent finished in the top three, ever. And Josh’s ankle is probably going to be an issue at some point during the next leg, like maybe when he thinks it’s a good idea to do the kickboxing Roadblock. Conclusion: even if Josh & Brentluck into the final three, they’re not going to be very competitive.

"Rapido! Por Favor?" - or, making meaningless ineffectual comments from the back seat, but in no immediate danger.
Natalie & Nadiya (down from “Passing”) - After a tidy Fast Forward performance and a first-place finish last week, Natalie & Nadiya finally expose their Achilles heel, which appears to be successfuly getting from Point A to Point B under their own guidance. Now they have a Speed Bump to contend with in the next leg. Historically, these haven’t been very challenging, but any extra time spent, with only three other teams in the race, is problematic. (Historical note: over nine seasons when the Speed Bump has been in use, there were 10 NELs with either four or five teams running. Of those 10 NELs, the penalized team came in last on the next leg 7 times.) Even assuming Natalie & Nadiya edge out Josh & Brent next week for a place in the final three (which is, to be fair, a pretty decent assumption), there’s a decent likelyhood they’ll be called on to drive themselves places on the last leg.

In the Passing Lane - or, ahead of the pack, but not quite comfortably.
Jaymes & James (holding steady) - A reasonably good leg from Jaymes & James, although they, oddly, went the wrong way navigating toward the Detour and wound up arriving at the other Detour. It seemed to work out for them this week, but that’s not always going to be the case. Still, Jaymes & James have placed first or second for four weeks running, so they’re apt to be pretty relaxed going into the last two legs.
Trey & Lexi (holding steady) - This is the third first-place finish by Trey & Lexi, which is more than any other team this season. In a duel between them and Jaymes & James, I think I might bet on Jaymes & James, but not by much.

Cruisin’ with Earl - or, drivin’ on the shoulder, takin’ shortcuts, and generally kickin’ butt.
No one.

One thing: The teams NEVER drive themselves anywhere on the last leg. The last leg is entirely taxis or public transportation, because they don’t trust the teams to drive safely with that much money on the line. So that might bump the Twinnies up a bit in your assessment.

This crown will always go to Flo, who managed to whine her way right up to the point where she won, or rather, where Zach dragged her to first place.

Really? Another team that goes on TAR without knowing how to drive a stick? On the other hand, maybe they took lessons, but blew them off like the tennis and Spanish.

I was happy to see the twins come in last but sensed a NEL when they didn’t edit it to look like a neck-and-neck race to the mat for last place.