The Amazing Race, 11/29 [spoilers, not all of them boxed]

Football delay? Only about five minutes’ worth.

Best. Roadblock. Ever.

Unfortunately, it led to one of the worst results ever.

The show has aired on the East Coast.

Fucking A. The 'Trotters have always sucked at the puzzle stuff, and they got one at the exact wrong moment. Damn! I’m sorry to see them go.

It’s official – I hate the brothers. Hate hate hate them. No, wait, I hate hate hate the big lunkhead brother.

Hate hate hate.

Whiny bitch.

ETA – it was, however, the best roadblock ever, fer sher.

Such a shame such a well-traveled guy had never heard the phrase Kafkaesque or the name “Franz” (forget Kafka, how about Liszt, Shubert, or even the band Franz Ferdinand). And there’s no excuse for Dan not to have heard it either, but then again he though Prague was in Spain.

I’ll miss Herb and Nate, they had such a sense of fun and had an infinite capacity to forgive each other. I would liked to have seen them roll the Golem of Prague through the streets as easy as an empty suitcase.

Man, Ericka is still whiny.

I would NEVER have taken the penalty. There were only 25 possible combinations of those letters. Even if it took you 5 minutes to complete a form, that’s only like 5 minutes over two hours to hand in EVERY combination. Versus over an hour trying in the first place then taking 4 hours for a penalty.

That’s not unfortunate circumstances, that’s Killer Fatigue Stupidity.

This, seriously. How do you even GET through college in the USA without apparently having ever encountered Kafka?

Can we add “spoilers” to the topic title just so everyone’s clear?

Does anyone remember if the clue for the roadblock mentioned Kafka? If it did, we’ve got three dumb teams. If it didn’t, I’d say we’ve got at least two and possibly a new rule for the race.

I still don’t even bother to tell them apart. That was a dick move at the Roadblock, and the rabbis shouldn’t have accepted a golem with one arm hanging loose.[sup]*[/sup]

How far apart were the bars for the Lager Detour; three trips back and forth took all night?

  • That’s a phrase I never thought I’d hear myself say.

I hope to god Megan and Chayne win, because I can’t stand the other two teams.

Actually, it’s 120 combinations, but still

it would have taken me a lot less than 4 hours to run through all 120 combinations, even if I were working purely at random.

I can’t stand Erika either, and I’m amazed her family thinks she married beneath her. Right now, they may be the only ones.

I’ll defer to you on that. I never was any good at figuring out that kind of number. I see five spaces and five letters and my brain says “That’s 25 possibilities”. It wouldn’t be the first time math has kicked my butt.

It actually drops down to only 24 combinations once you know the first letter.

It’s 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1.

And c’mon, once you know the first letter is F … what’s the next letter gonna be, an R or an A, right? probably an R, and after that, hm, maybe the A? Keep going.


People get so frazzled when they think it’s a foreign word. Why of course Fnzra is a word in Czech! Same thing happened when they had to figure out “Chekov”

Yeah, but the asshole told him it was an F. Regardless of what language it might be, wouldn’t you start with letter combinations you’ve seen before?

Argh, I’m so frustrated that they got eliminated over their inability to solve the damn puzzle.

While I hate to perpetuate gay stereotypes (especially ones that definitely do not appy to me), Sam getting all upset over the dirt on the golem (“I’m covering up the dirt! We can’t give the rabbi a dirty golem!”) was hilarious.

I have to think there was some kind of minimum time you had to wait between entries, there’s no other way that taking a 4 hour penalty makes sense. Sorry to see the Trotters go. We were really hoping the broken golem would mean the brothers had to start over.

I’m upset. This isn’t who I wanted to see at the end.

jayjay - If it makes you feel any better, it’s Sam (or Dan, I never did bother to tell one from the other) who perpetuated the stereotype.


Yeah, when that one rabbi said, “Lets check this out” I was praying that it was no good. Or that the arm would fall off every time they hit a bump.