The Amazing Race March 14, 2010 **SPOILERS**

WWII Reenactment, woo hoo
Spoiler space for Mouseover
And that is why you utilize a U-turn

Hoping to see more of the father/daughter team this week. (they certainly haven’t gotten much airtime so far)

Can the cops keep their lead??? I am not betting on it; to me, they seem like they won’t do too well under pressure, despite their occupation…

That was a just plain bizarre episode.

Okay, so instead of starting in Germany and heading to France, we’re going ship on overnight. Then it’s drive to this town, drive somewhere else, crawl a little ways, walk somewhere else, and then ride a bike. Except for the U-Turn, there was really no way to jump in the lead or fall behind. Even the team forgetting a clue didn’t lose a spot.

WWI, actually. It seems like almost all of the teams made the same mistake.

I’m growing to seriously dislike the lesbians. They were just pointlessly mean tonight, and their elitist attitude is beginning to annoy me.

Also, there was no Roadblock this episode.

Except we had two teams who had no sense of direction and two teams who have yet to work out that bragging about how you’re the team to beat is a bad idea and might make other teams do whatever it takes to beat you.

What amused me is that it seems like every team referred to World War II, not World War I.

I am glad Louie or Michael got in a comment about how crawling under barbed wire with bombs going off all around you is like every day police life in New York.

Oh, and Brett and Jordan, I hate to break it to you, but it looks like you really are that dumb. Who would have thought Caite would turn out to be the brains of the outfit?

jayjay, I feel the same way about the lesbians. They are proving that you don’t have to be straight to be a princess; on the other hand, women who fancy themselves princesses probably shouldn’t go on The Amazing Race.

Heidi seemed like a classy and intelligent woman, but obviously her husband Joe would have done better to keep his boastful comments to himself…

Both the lesbians (granted the dark haired one is more full of herself than her partner is) and the gay brother are whiny, self-centered and unpleasant people—It’s too bad that all three gay contestants are unlikable, as this show may be one of the only ways some people out there (dont laugh, you might be suprised how insulated some places still are) get exposed to a real-life (as opposed to fictional TV character) gay person.

Still dont think the cops are in it for the long haul; they seem prone to physical problems, and I wonder how they will do when faced with a situation that dosen’t readily fall right into place for them.

I hate the lesbians, I’m kind half hating the gay/not-gay brothers. (If the gay one is the one who was kinda getting into the whole reenactment thing, I revise my opinion of him up. If he was the one who was having the hissy-fit about the other one running too fast, not so much)

Remember all I was saying last week about the best way to use the damned U-Turn? This episode proved that…oops…I was waaaaay wrong. I neglected to consider the “Pick a team who’ll freak out and just not do the task correctly” idea. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, they had a pretty decent lead, but they panicked. It seemed liked they were just making random guesses. Except for one “Vive”, they weren’t even remotely close.

I’m trying to decide if that was a poorly designed task. I understand that they need to be a challenge to complete, but was the morse code Detour really so hard, or were Joe and Heidi just really bad at it?

My favorite moment:

Jordan is running out of the bakery, trying to talk with a mouth full of baguette. The Amazing Race caption: “???”

Also, notice that the top 3 teams really get along well with each other, while those at the back of the pack are constantly bitching and whining? Coincidence?

I wonder how hard it was to determine between letters with Morse Code. Was there a sufficient pause? Is there supposed to be a pause?

Would you have just written out the full sequence of dots and dashes and figure it out from there? Looks like they just tried to hear what they wanted to hear and guess, rather than hear what was actually being blipped and blooped.

I have to agree with the general distaste for the gay brother and the lesbians. The prissy lesbian saying “this isn’t what I signed up for”, wtf did you think you signed up for? Muff diving? Leisurely strolls on the beach with your partner? like seriously why do these people not get weeded out before the process of choosing contestants happen. Do they really need to fill that gay and black quota so the minority groups don’t go ballistic and send hate mail to them?

I’m think who ever finds the contestants secretly hates gay people, so they find the most annoying ones they can. Like the brothers last season.

oh yea, the brothers were bad. I thought seeing the gay bro this season that we had another gay bro duo… i was like wtf?

My guess is that it was “Vive la liberte” since their first guess was “Vive la liberty”

And then they started to doubt themselves, then they just started to hear anything.

When the cops first chose Joe & Heidi, I thought “that was the stupidest use of a UTurn possible.” And then it worked. wow.

‘Mah hat waon’t stay ahwn!’

Re: Morse code. The only experience I have with Morse code is listening to it on VOR, and it’s slower. But I think even I could get the correct message, even if I had to hear the whole thing for each letter.

I think Phil told them the answer at the end. It wasn’t anything like Vive la Liberte. It started with “W” like we won the war, then the french translation.

from a post in TWoP forums

addition: some dude in that forums says he knows Morse Code and even for him it’s hard because there are the sending individual’s dots and dashes that you need to get used to too, like dialect or accent u need to hear and adjust to. Trying to do that challenge with no background of Morse Code to him seemed rigged or impossibly hard.

I just finished watching it here, and I’m pretty sure Phil said the message was : “We will prevail. Vive la France”. There was one edit where they may have had “Vive la France” (They said the first part, then cut to Heidi guessing “France?”). I wonder if it came in two sections and they never realized they were separate. Still, it seems like they ought to have written out the dots & dashes, checked that those were correct, and then translated from there.

I think any negative comment by a gay person on a reality show will always make it to air. I’m reminded of the Top Chef contestant who was offended that straight people would still be getting married and she was forced to observe it.