Amazing Race, March 7th

Looks like the return of the Intersection today.

How the fuck did Jet’s hat stay on during that?

More of life’s challenges should involve drinking beer.

A cowboy never reveals his secrets. :wink:

Wait … have Joe and Heidi been on this whole time? Why don’t I remember every having seen them? Like, ever?

Could someone spoiler the results? I’m watching the Oscars.

I totally knew it.

Non-elimination leg, with Jordan and Jeff bringing up the rear.

This was the leg for me.

I can eat sauerkraut.
I can drink boatloads of beer.
And I think I make goalkicks in soccer.

I think I can even bungee jump off a crane.

That didn’t look like much sauerkraut.

Hm. Okay.

And the cops finally have an impressive leg, when the challenges are “Fall off a ledge, Eat some German food, and drink some beer.” I normally don’t have a problem with them cutting the airport drama when it doesn’t make a difference, but I’m curious how the last place cops got on the best flight.

Also, we’ll see how the ratings go, but I’m think Steve and Allie are top three material. The make good, solid plays and have yet to make any big screw-ups other than painting the wrong house (which I give them a pass for it being hilarious).

And maybe I’m reading a bit too much into it, but did anyone get bad vibes from Joe and Heidi saying they picked Steve and Allie because they’re a good family like them? Mainly when the other choices available were the lesbians and the gay brother?

One last point: Those might have been the worst Beatles impersonators ever.

What the mollyfock is up with so many hating on the German bier?

That looked like a slice of heaven to me, and since I am highly suggestable, I am off to grab a 6 pack after typing this post…

PS—Love the father daughter team, the daughter is absolutely lovely, certainly the most attractive contestant on the Race.

In Salt Lake?

As an American, I am ashamed that so many of my countrymen sucked at the all-American task of chugging beer out of a glass boot. I blame global warming.

Oh, my gravy! I thought my cowboys were toast.


On a Sunday evening?

How big was that beer? It looked like a good 4 pints or so. While I couldn’t eat the kraut, I could do everything else. I’d like to know how the hell his hat stayed on as well.

I’d also hate to bungee with someone I didn’t know. What if they didn’t want to jump, I think I’d just take them with me.

Yep, in Salt Lake, on a sunday evening, at the corner gas station. I am drinking Heineken, because in Salt Lake, on a sunday evening all you can buy (if you aren’t in a bar) to go is 3.2 beer, as everything stronger than that (so-called “heavy beer” liquor and wine) is sold in Utah State Liquor Stores, which are closed up tighter than a drum all day long on sundays…

That said, I am used to 3.2 brew, and it’s better than nothing. (to me at least)

ETA—I am pretty sure I was on that street in Hamburg (in my mis-spent youth) that the Beatles bar was at. The Reeperbahn is quite a wild place; I didn’t care for it much but at least there is damn sure no 3.2 beer to be had!!!

Wow, was that ever the wrong order for good TV. It should have been:

  1. Sauerkraut
  2. Beer
  3. Bungee

It turns out that it wasn’t a challenge at all for a person who liked sauerkraut. The serving should have been 3 or 4 times bigger than it was. And the goal kicking needed a goalkeeper - wait, a midget gnome goalkeeper!

I was saying to supervenusfreak that I definitely wouldn’t want to be in any of their rooms at the Pit Stop through the night…

A perfect place for a Charla cameo!

Wasn’t there a contestant from several seasons ago who was a recovering alcoholic? (I’m thinking maybe the Black father/daughter team?) I seem to remember someone refusing to drink. Do they screen the contestants before creating the tasks? I didn’t really like that this whole leg was basically “eat a ton of sauerkraut and drink a ton of beer.”