10/12 The Amazing Race: "Did You Push My Sports Bra Off The Ledge?"

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[spoiler]Well that’s that. I suspect that even coming into the pitstop first would have been an iffy thing with the time penalty for the nerds.

I was shocked that no one U-Turned anyone. With just two in the race you might as well use it. As long as you’re sure someone is behind you pick someone. It’s a race, people, not a global package tour.[/spoiler]

IMnshO, the Roadblock was the coolest one on the Race since the Tank Course.

Anything else, I’ll wait until after the West Coast has seen the episode.

I’m sad. I can’t fault it, though. The single most important rule of TAR is “Read the fucking clue!” The second most important is “Read it again, you fool!”

Sarah, paraphrased: “It’s actually a COMPETITION! :smack: Who knew?!”

It’s amazing how easy it is to overlook the bad plastic surgery when Tina isn’t being a bitch, isn’t it? She was actually tolerable this week, and earned points from me for the way both she and Ken handled the Roadblock. That was too cute.

Aja lost a LOT of respect from me this week. No, Nick and Starr did NOT try to get you to U-Turn Kelly and Christie. In fact, it was YOU who was trying to get Nick and Starr to U-Turn Kelly and Christie. You’re dead to me…this isn’t Big Brother or Survivor. This is fundamentally different from what Rob Mariano did, too…he didn’t lie about other teams, he lied about situations (like the bus thing). Don’t be a villain.

And Kelly and Christie? The only person who thinks you’re Nick and Starr’s nemeses is YOU. Give it up.

Funniest moment: Sarah and Terrence outside the lucha place, reading the clue. “Who wants to pick a fight?” And Sarah says, “I’d better do it.” Died. Absolutely died.

I just watched it again and it sure looked & sounded to me like it was Starr who asked Aja to U-Turn Kelly & Christie.

I just realized on reading TWOP about this episode that I actually got the speaker on the U-Turn urging crossed. It WAS Starr trying to get Aja and Ty(?) to do it, not the other way around. I really thought it was the other way.
Just wanted to add that I know people who would mug that greeter in a dark alley to get that hat. Not all of them women.

The Bolivians do like their cool hats. I personally liked the tall bowler style hat the teams carted around for a bit.

I’m really sorry to see the team go that was eliminated tonight. There are several teams that are getting on my nerves, and sadly the ones eliminated were one of the teams I actually enjoyed.

It’s a toss-up for me as to which rule is more important: “Read the fucking clue!” vs. “This is a fucking race!” Although since the clues describe the race course, they may be aspects of the same rule.

She only realized that on the third leg of The Amazing Race? Such brilliance, it blinds me!

Hey, she hasn’t kicked Needy McToolhole to the curb yet. We’re obviously not talking MENSA level emotional intelligence here.

Um, both my wife and I were pretty sure it was Aja and Ty trying to get Nick and Starr to U-turn…

Either that was a very bad edit or it was a “Frankenstein” scene (they moved audio from another shot to that visual where you can’t see anyone to tell who’s actually talking). I honestly thought it was Aja, too, but the TWOP folks seem to think it was Starr.

But it was Starr’s voice…

Almost forgot to mention the invocation of that bugbear of every high school junior English class, Invictus.

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”

I don’t remember the exact situation, but I thought it was Starr all along who was doing the asking. Never occurred to me that it would be the other way around.

Add my vote to the Starr camp.

Another vote here for Starr urging the U-Turn. I was sure it was her voice. Props to Sarah for realizing the taxi mistake and going back but negative props for taking 3 episodes to figure out that it was actually a competition. Props to the Amazing Editors for not wasting time with eventually meaningless airport drama to be erased immediately by bunching.

Overall, this was a great leg. Interesting Detours and an excellent Roadblock combined with a little high altitude exertion and taxi drama to keep the lead changing made it exciting. I liked the fact that positions could change at both the Roadblock and the Detours depending on skill level.

If Aja/Ty turn nasty next week I’m running out of teams to like. Sarah/Terrence, Starr/gay brother, Tina/Ken, blondes, other women, and fratnerds are all either on my *%^ list or do not exite me. Um-go Toni/Dallas???

I don’t know. Sarah and Terrence are fruitcakes of the highest order, but they’re interesting to watch. And Nick and Starr make good villains and Christie and Kelly are funny in their ineptitude.

Every time Christie/Kelly fell off a bicycle, or made a wrong turn, or did anything otherwise stupid, my wife would say “if only you had your sports bra”. Just one reason I love her.