No cellphone coverage in 24 hours (AT&T in Seattle)

Not a rant, because I just can’t work up the energy. I’m one of those cell-only people and the last time I was able to use the phone was last evening about 6:00. This unhelpful little message has been up on their website since last night, but they keep changing the timestamp every hour or so:

(Obligatory Hitchhiker’s reference goes here)

I’d call them from a payphone, but there are no more payphones, of course. My own neighborhood still has half a dozen former payphone boothlets with ripped wires dangling; the phones have been gone for years. Tomorrow I’ll have to seek out a friend at home and call from there (though what good will that do me, really?)

Anybody else in the area with AT&T Wireless? No? Commiserate with me then?

I live in the Seattle area, have AT&T and have been having no problems…