No comedian at WH media dinner next Spring

Guess they are playing it safe by getting the guy who wrote the Hamilton book which was the basis of the play

Ron Chernow. You know - genuine historians are not likely to be impressed with this Whitehouse any more than comedians are. I hope he goes for the jugular. I hope he gets up there and says, "For real, the Trump administration is destroying our country and I’m going to tell you exactly why, with citations and maps and PowerPoint slides. Yes. There will be a quiz.

And by the why, Flint still needs a better water system. What the hell is going on with you people?"

There’s an attempt to get a group of anti-Trump comedians together to hold an anti-dinner at the same time

So… basically every living comedian except Rosanne and Tim Allen?

I didn’t know what the White House Media Dinner was. White House Correspondents’ Dinner, on the other hand is famous.

I predict reduced attendance. If I want a lecture on history, I’ll find one on a Ted Talk or YouTube.

So will Trump still be too intimidated to attend?

Looks like the press is already caving to Trump’s threats.

Most comics are "pro " Trump because he gives them an endless supply of material for their routines.

Patton Oswalt talks about how he hates Trump because there’s too much material. By the time you right about a bit about one thing, 5 more crazy things have happened and everyone forgot about it.