No Country For Old Men - a way out for Llewelyn

There is a point in the story where there was chance of Llewelyn getting out alive. At one point Carson Welles visits Llewelyn in the hospital and makes him aware that Anton cannot be bought, nor will he ever quit. Even if he returned the money Anton would still kill him. Carson tells him when he has had enough to let him know. He even offers to let Llewelyn keep some of the money so at least on the surface he is agreeable to bargaining. So why didn’t Llewelyn offer, “You kill that son of bitch and we’ll deal”?


I read once that Cohen brother movies are about the consequences of bad decisions. I know they didn’t write the story, but it fits their body of work. Llewelyn had a couple of opportunities to avoid disaster, he could have just called the police when he found the scene of the shootout, he shouldn’t have gone back with water for the injured guy, and finally, he could have given himself up to save his wife.

I don’t know, but it always seemed to me he could have gotten away with it cleanly if he’d just put the money in something, anything else, and left the case with the dead guys.

And didn’t Anton still kill Carson, just because? Seems to me that once Chigurh was after you, you were as good as dead.

As if Llewelyn he can trust Carson Wells. Or any character played by Woody Harrelson in any movie. As soon as he handed over money to Wells or let him know where he stashed it he’d be done.

As a character, Anton is the personification of malevolent, random evil. The whole point of the coin flip is that when your time is up, you die, regardless of justice, innocence, or aptitude.


Chiguth offered him a deal: bring the money and his wife would survive. Given what we know about Chigurh, it seems likely he would have kept it. Later, when he shows up to kill her he told her he had made a promise.

Or what I would have done, thrown the tracker on the first passing freight train.

Had no way out with Carson. Carson always planned on killing Chiguth, whether he got the money or not. Didn’t work out to well for him.

Yeah, he wasn’t bright.

[**Boldness **added for emphasis.]

Except, Llewelyn was out in the middle of nowhere in 1980 when there were no cell phones. Driving into town to notify the cops would’ve taken a lot more time than driving someplace that had water and time was of the essence for the injured guy.

No, he tracked the guy with the money, went home hid the money and then went to bed. He couldn’t sleep, so he got back up and went back out there. If he had just gone to get the police the minute he came across the shootout, he and his wife wouldn’t have died.

Not to hijack but I always had a problem with the gas station coin flip. He says the coin is a 1958, not too many silver quarters circulating in 1980. Could have but not likely.

I’m not sure that’s actually true. I don’t think Chigurh just goes around flipping coins at random people all the time. I think specifically in that case of the cashier who won the coin toss, he did it because he felt that the guy was prying too much about him and back-talking him. I don’t think Chigurh generally kills people unless he’s specifically hired to do so, or if he needs to kill them in the pursuit of some goal (such as escaping from the jail, or stealing that guy’s car.)

He’s not a serial killer and he’s not totally random…he’s like, somewhat random. You don’t want to cross paths with him, but if you help him or do what he commands, he won’t kill you.

He also didn’t seem like a sadistic guy either, I can’t imagine him torturing anyone and smiling while they suffer in pain, despite his weird grin. He’s like, “bang, you’re dead.”

So funny and so true.

I was thinking about No CountryFOM last week. My thoughts weren’t worth starting or reviving a thread, but might be worth a mini-hijack here.

If I had been Woody Harleson on the staircase, and Chigurh came up behind me, I would NOT accompany him to a private room. That seems like a 98% chance of death. So in my masculine fantasy I’d launch myself backward into Chigurh, and hopefully down the stairs. I can’t imagine it would increase my odds of dying, and maybe Anton wouldn’t be eager to commit a murder in a high traffic area with the possibility of multiple surveillance cameras.

As for the OP, you just never know. Brolin came close to killing Chigurh in the film. Chigurh killed the people who hired him and a bunch of the trackers working for them. Chigurh could have died in a car accident. The coin flips could have gone several different ways, but once Brolin and his family were identified by the drug runners it would have been tough for there to be a happy ending.

When he shoots the man that hired him the guy from accounting asks if he is going to kill him too. Chigurh responds with, it depends, do you see me.(or word to that affect). So, does he kill him or is he saying that if you don’t say you saw me you live.

I got a 1964 silver quarter as change several months ago.

I’m pretty sure that the implication was that the accountant was going to get killed. Chigurh also seemed to enjoy killing a guy so that Chigurh could take his car — Anton pulled up in a cop car and the owner eventually cooperated in looking at the bolt gun.

When I was watching the movie it seemed that Llewelyn’s attempts at evasion were really half-assed. If he had gotten into his pickup and just driven in a random direction for a couple of hours, it wouldn’t be too long before he’s out of tracking range. This is the 80s and he’s paying with cash, so he’s not leaving much of a trail to follow. As I recall, he never really tries to leave the area in the movie, which is stupid, almost as stupid as not searching the money case.

I’d still like to know how Chigurh found Llewelyn at the last motel.

In El Paso? Presumably from the news reporting about the shootout there.