No dog burning in today's SDMB?

Over in GQ someone was asking about the great The rock in the box: I burning your dog thread. As I was re-reading that classic trainwreck, it occurred to me that this sort of unbridled lunacy was once common in the Pit, and just how much fun it was. I think that the paid subscription policy has cut way down on the number of incoherent but vastly amusing posters we used to see. Additionally, I suspect that if the thread were posted in the Pit today it would be quickly closed by a moderator or at least moved to another forum where the scathing replies would not be permitted. I miss the good old days.

From that thread:

Just beautiful.

I think that’s why some members are willing to foot the bill for other people’s membership fees. They’re hoping to trigger such a piece of surreality. We can only hope.

I agree. Just today I was thinking how dull the pit has become since all the good threads keep getting moved out. It’s no fun to read any more because all thats left are the foul mouthed rants.

There’s a good start in GQ, asking for the murder stats for Cincinnatti for 2006.

Man, even when people quote something I said years ago, they still get my name wrong.

While there was, perhaps, a certain random looniness in bygone days, perhaps lost because of paid membership, I remind you that if we didn’t have the paid memberships, we wouldn’t have any boards at all.

How about a scholarship program?
You have an essay contest, and a panel of judges like Time Cube Guy and the California Bar Theft Victim and Wyatt Sexton.
Ten lucky winners get free subscriptions for life.

I don’t know about the life-time subscriptions: part of the fun was seeing how brightly these people could self-combust before getting banned.

Thanks for the link, AskNott. Very entertaining.

And, Smeghead, I am so so sorry.

Having just reread the thread in the OP, I conclude that everyone who posted to it was either high or drunk. Or both. What a wonderful collection of complete and utter nonsense!

Reading some of those old classics makes me sad. I see all the names with Guest under them, meaning we lost them somewhere along the way.

I hereby pledge that if I ever win the Lottery, this board will be free!!!

(No, really, Ed. I mean it. Faster servers, more techs, more pay for the techs, etc. Just gotta win … :D)

I noticed the large number of well-known “Guests” in that thread, and I checked a couple of their profiles and found that they appear to still be active members. I’m guessing there’s a software glitch somewhere.

I was basing my previous post on the “last activity” date shown for those posters. On closer inspection, although the “last activity” date may be within the past couple of weeks, none of the “Guests” I checked has posted since the cutoff date for renewal. It appears that they’re still looking in occasionally though.

Hi, guys! We miss you.

Are they the same person? :confused:

There can be only one. There was never anyone named “Smegma”. Dunno where the OP got that name.

Probably whle travelling in the far-flung Isles of Langerhans.

Isn’t that where we get Boo Berries and Blue Diamond Marshmellows?

I thought that’s what the pit was for. Not for the puppy dogs and happy little sunbeams of love that are (quite properly) being moved out.