No Ents in Two Towers Movie?

I’m searching high and low on the LOTR website for a reference to the Ents in the next movie. I see none. Anybody know if Jackson is writing them out like he did Tom Bombadil (sp)?

Well, since they showed an Ent in the trailer, I’m going to assume the Ents have not been written out.

That sounds like one of the classic little-kids’ jokes:

“How do you get an Ent in a trailer?”

Yes, there were ents in the trailer. There have also been various snippets about them in interviews with Peter Jackson and the actors who play Merry and Pippin. They will be CGI, mostly, and apparently Treebeard will be voiced by John Rhys Davies who plays Gimli.

The storming of Isengard is also in.

Very nice. Haven’t seen a trailer yet. I’m glad they are included. Thanks for the info!

I’d just like to point out that they showed the gift scene for Fellowship in trailers as well…

Although the Ents are certainly a much bigger plot point than that scene, and certainly a bigger plot point than Bombadil.



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That’s going to be in the expanded version on the DVD.

Yes, there are Ents for sure. At the end of the teaser, you see Merry(or Pippin) climbing on a tree and the eye on the tree opens.

Jackson has promised that they are a reasonably big part.

Unintentional joke? :smiley:

Well, Tom Bombadil was, admittedly, unimportant to the flow of the story, aside from being the source from where Merry, Pippin, and Sam get their little short swords.

But the Ents are decisive in TTT… they are the deciding factor in the war between Rohan and Isengard. The “secret weapon”, if you will. Writing out the Ents would be like trying to write Obi-Wan out of Star Wars.

It’s been a while since I spent any time on the LOTR websites, but IIRC, Treebeard will be featured while Quickbeam’s role will be scaled back or merged. The Ents will be entirely digital.

They’ll probably trim a little of the fat during the gathering of the Ents. To me, that was always the slowest part of the entire series (slower than the Bombadil parts, even).

Well, Treebeard’s bark was always worse than his bite!

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I think what was funny about them is most things they did they did slooooowwwwly come on the entmoot took a better part of a week if I recall correctly.

And yes I can’t wait to see an army of tree people tearing up Isengrad in the movie.

I’m really hoping they do the Ents well. I don’t want to see “latex mask”-style computer animation for their faces, with overly pliable and cartoony mouths and eyes and stuff. That’s fine for the toys in Toy Story, but the Ents should look like they’re big hard crusty old trees.

In short, I hope the Ents don’t get added to the “Cheesy things in the LOTR movies” list, along with “Let’s hunt some orc!”, “Nobody tosses a Dwarf!”, and Galadriel’s temptation scene.

I always thought that the Ents’ counterpart in the Star Wars saga was the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi. YMMV.

You know, the first time I read LOTR, I thought the same thing. But on second (and third and fourth and fifth, etc.), the ents are one of the best parts of the book. I want to see Merry grow. I want to see the gate to Isengard nonchalantly being crumbled by Treebeard’s hands as he has a conversation. I want to see Merry and Pippin cling to Treebeard as he saunters through the forest, and I want to see that forest suddenly come alive at the sound of a horn.