No help from computer forum. Damn.

So I joined Sharky Forums so as to be polite and not clog up the SDMB with dumb computer questions. Of the recommended forums, it seemed the friendliest. But alas! I can’t get help with a question about MS Access. It seems so simple, too. I’ve got a gigantic list of fields for a database to be built from a table, but I want to utilize a form. Since I can’t break things down or group them, I just included everything I could think of. But I’d like the font on the form to be larger and maybe even a different color for the text fields so that they’ll be easier to see. But when I “select all” and resize the fonts in the design view for the form, everything gets completely jumbled and it’ll take me forever to go through and make it all work out by hand. Why can’t the form just open up with a 20-point font and have everything spaced out okay? It works for the damn 9-point font that is set as the default. It reminds me of those god-damn word-search assignments we had to do in grade school. I don’t know why, but we had to do fucking word-search puzzles. I cannot do that sort of shit. I’m already taking full, adult-sized doses of Concerta and Strattera. What more can I do? I hate my brain.