No Man's Sky - First star to the right, and straight on till morning

And steamlink added support for surround sound recently. It used to be stereo only, so you’re covered there.

I guarantee the PS4 will have performance issues with this game, given the rumors. Also, because of that I wouldn’t expect a VR version on PS4. If there is a VR version, I expect it will be PC only, or PC first, followed by one on the Neo.

Neither would I suggest a PSVR at all until at least the NEO is out and you own one. There are a lot of reports of poor performance in games, nausea, etc.

And if you’ve got the room, roomscale VR with the Steam VR is apparently the bees knees. Most people who have tried it say it’s an entirely different animal from what Sony and the Rift (currently) can offer.

The one thing that worries me about the game, and was mentioned previously, is that I’m not convinced there will be enough variety. I love the concept, I want this game to be amazing, but I feel that much of the variety will be palettes swaps. I’ll definitely be looking at the reviews for this one and if I’m wrong, then it is definitely on the must-buy list.

It’s going to come down to how good their procedural generation algorithms are. How granular they are, how they interact, etc.

And how they come together with game mechanics.

As can the wilderness of Earth, which is also generated by a relatively small number of simple processes combining for incredible emergent complexity.

I’m a little surprised by the mass dissing of this game based on almost no information (not so much here, but on the web in general). In a few weeks, we’ll know for sure. It could be good, bad, or indifferent. And the procedurally generated aliens will probably achieve actual sentience before Star Citizen manages to release, so it’s not like we don’t have time to look into it.

My one concern with these sort of things is whether a game has decent gamepad support. A lot of games don’t and I don’t want to sit in front of my TV with a keyboard and mouse.

I don’t know, the rumours are all over the place. Some people say 30fps, some say 60. A lot of people argue that the pop in is a sign of a dodgy engine, but others say that it is just a factor of the procedural generation.

And then there’s the high profile terrible PC ports that have gone on of late. The game was clearly designed for the PS4 (have we heard anything about the PC version beyond that it exists?).

I decided a while ago not to be a PC VR early adopter. I want to see who wins.

Anyway, I have preordered for the PS4. It is a pay in the shop thing across the road from work, so I can check reviews before paying and then go PC if there is anything in the reviews that worries me.

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That makes almost no sense. It’s still fundamentally an engine problem. It’s just a matter of whether you have the memory/time to generate everything before it gets in draw distance or not. If you have the memory, this is easily solvable by just loading 2-3 more “cunks” in a radius around the player than they have draw distance.

Either way, it’s not a big deal since on videos I’ve only really noticed pop-in when entering the atmosphere (which I’m 99% sure is just a fake loading screen), but to say it’s “a factor of the procedural generation” is just weird. It’s probably a desire to let you quickly fly in and out of atmosphere like they show in the trailers, rather than make you sit there in an even more awkwardly long loading screen.

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“Factor of the procedural generation” meaning that you can’t compare it with a standard engine where most things are static. So yes, there may be more pop in because of that and it’ll look worse than an FPS written in Unreal where the entire level is defined on load…

And we don’t know how well the PC version is optimised. For all we know it may have the same issues.

Almost all multiplat game son PC feature gamepad support. We know for a fact that this particular game does.

This game is definitely not 60 FPS on PS4.

First, what big profile terrible ports on PC? Batman? That’s one. And it’s now the best version of the game. I can’t think of any others in recent YEARS, outside WB’s other mess… I forget the game actually, it was a fighting game… So this seems like a WB issue mostly.

In the meantime I can’t think fo a big profile game that isn’t a Sony first party product that DOESN’T have frame rate or frame pacing issues. Dark souls 3 and Fallout 4 say hello, and hell Just Cause 3, is decideldy broken on PS4.

Also, you’ve got it backwards in terms of this particular game. There’s a lot of confidence in the PC version, in fact in the last big press event, Giant Bomb mentioned that they were all playing the PC version.

I’m personally waiting on a price drop on the Steam VR. Too pricey right now.

The early PS4 videos showed some serious pop in. Like entire mountains just popping out of thin air a few hundred meters in front of the player.

Newer videos look better, but who knows what it’s running on.

“Fight” Trailer was leaked:

Will probably be a better version up soon.

There’s some dutch company apparently claiming that the devs are using their IP to generate worlds…

They are using the “super formula” to generate organic shapes:


Any merit to this?

Official new “Fight” Trailer:

Seeing the IGN demo, it deifnitley looks like there’s goign to be plenty to do in the game.

Also the dev mentioned that he’s shooting for 60 FPS on the PS4 too, so 60 might happen.

To be honest, I backed out of that discussion when it became obvious to me I was dealing with a PC Master Race acolyte. When someone says definitely and makes guarantees about the performance of an unreleased game you know they are not arguing honestly.

And before someone accuses me of being the console equivalent of PCMR, I should say that PC is my main gaming platform. I usually just stick to exclusives on console. Hell, I was playing Diablo 3 last night on PC and bought the latest 2K Humble Bundle so I could get Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Just something about NMS makes me feel console. I’m not sure what.

I own an Xbox One, therefore I too am Immune of being the opposite of a console fanboy :stuck_out_tongue:

My guarantees were based on the fact that MOST multiplatform games have frame rate issues on the PS4. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough on that point.

Sorry I offended you with my PCMR comments, like correcting you on the whole exaggerating PC port issues thing.

Branding? Pretty much every bit of footage has a big Sony logo on it.

You asked everyone if you should get the PC version, then acknowledged that would be better, but then talked yourself into the PS4 version. But… TV! Couch!

So you were told that your PC does fine on your TV and couch too, so hey, best of all worlds, right? So you made up… but… what about gamepad support? Even though like 95% of all multiplat games in the last decade have had the same gamepad support on all platforms.

So it just seems weird that you asked people for advice, all of your concerns were addressed, but then you insisted on making up reasons to make the wrong choice anyway. What was the point of sharing that whole exercise and asking us to participate?

Incidentally, when people say “oh this game is a shitty console port”, that doesn’t mean the PC version is worse. There are probably like less than a dozen cases in hundreds of games where the PC version is actually worse. The problem is that it’s not better on PC by the margin we expect. Somehow people conclude “well, it’s only 30% better on PC instead of the expected 120%. It must be really shitty to play on pc! I’ll play on console!”

Actually I didn’t. I mentioned that I am trying to decide. Think of it as a general discussion about the game. And I don’t remember acknowledging anything of the sort. I do remember saying that we know very little about the PC version (as someone else mentioned, branding is at play here. Just about all the videos have come via Sony) and it could well have the same issues as the PS4 version.

Yes and for simpler games that works fine. However for the likes of Elite:Dangerous, which is a game a lot of people are comparing No Man’s Sky to because, well, they are both open ended space exploration games, I could never find a decent mapping that meant I could truly leave the keyboard/mouse behind. So I have to play that at my desk, with a 360 gamepad.

Again, I didn’t. And my concerns are not addressed, as you can see from the previous paragraph. And, frankly, as I have not used Steam Link I am unsure how good it is (reviews seems to be "yeah, with a great PC and network it is mostly good but …).

There’s been plenty of crappy ports because the port was crappy, not because it was less than what was expected. Japanese developers seem to be especially good at doing this.