No matter your fandom, can't we all just get along?

Love this - very clever:

Considering the current controversies in SF fandom (and among professionals), it seems very appropriate.

Bosh and twaddle.

They clearly excluded [name a fandom] on purpose! We won’t stand for that type of insult!!!

I’m not very geeky. I can identify the X Files (I think), Dr. Who and Star Trek. What are the rest?

They’re all explained in the text to the right.

Must be a Star Wars fan.


I like how George Takei resolved an internet feud between Carrie Fisher and William Shatner.

The Star Wars “Rebel Alliance” logo looks a lot like a C. That would have been a better choice than … what is that? The unfinished Death Star maybe? Still, cool idea.

Is it just me, or is the Rebel Alliance emblem just a neutered rip-off of the totally rockin’ Sikh Khanda?

I enjoy crossing Trek and Wars just to upset geeks who care enough to be upset by it.

So, like, did Kirk’s light saber have the same color beam/blade as Spock’s?

Anybody remember the episode of Night Court in which two groups of Star Trek fans are at odds? One is TOS and the other is TNG.

That’s the kind of t-shirt that would look great on Sheldon Cooper. Unfortunately, he’d be so adamant about his fandom on one or the other of the subjects that the whole “coexist” concept would be exactly what he couldn’t do.

What controversies?

Speckies and Finkies will never get along!!!

Without the guidance of Ducky Momo.

Wow, I almost started a flame war! Because I thought the C was the ‘Don’t Panic’ symbol from HGTTG! I also had no idea what the S was (Harry Potter is for kids!) :smiley:

I looked at the T-shirt image, and my first thought was “Of course they had to put the Star Wars and Star Trek symbols on opposite sides to keep them from fighting”.

Hah, yes, I recall that one! Ending with the TNG guy waving his hand over his communicator and beaming up out of the courtroom.

TOS guy: “…So what! Bet he can’t do this!” <makes Vulcan salute>

The vast majority of Star Trek fans are also Star Wars fans, and vice versa. Same for LotR, Harry Potter, and so forth.

There’s a perception that there are huge rivalries because it’s much easier to focus on the 1% of the fanbase who spent all their time hurling vitriol than at the 99% of the fanbase who don’t.

(I suppose it’s possible that when you get way out onto the edges of fandom, the people who speak Klingon at home and so forth, then this type of rivalry becomes more common, so I’m willing to be corrected if that’s the case.)

Agreed. You can like both Star Trek and Star Wars. You can like both DS9 and Babylon 5. However, you can not like both the Munsters and The Addams Family.

Or both Betty and Veronica.

There’s a gamer version, too.

It’s okay to be BiTrektual. :smiley: