No MGB for me. =:^(

I drove a 1967 MGB today that was advertised on eBay. Not bad. Needed some work, but only one owner. I didn’t win the bidding.

I looked at another one that was cheaper, but the engine looked better. Didn’t have a top though. The price isn’t bad. But the guy said he bought it a couple of weeks ago to do a “slow restoration” and then decided not to – and he hasn’t even started the engine. He says he believes the guy that it runs strong, and if I’m serious he’ll hook up the batteries and run a compression test. It’s a possibility, but I wish he would have been willing to start it up tonight.

I’m looking at a third '67 that’s not running. Or at least I’m asking about it, as the guy lives pretty far away. He said he’d send photos.

I don’t really care about the two 1977s I used to have (one of them was bought by a guy who said he was going to take it back to The Netherlands), but why oh why did I sell my '66 that my mom bought new? I guess that’s the price of being young and stupid.

I don’t really need another vehicle, and I should be conserving my funds so I can buy a house. But if I find a 1965-1967 MGB (with a preference for a '66) that either runs or doesn’t but is for a phenominally good price, I might just end up with one.

Right now though, I wish I had one the bidding on the one I drove.

Bummer man. I’m a big fan of the MG cars. The older B’s were cool (I don’t like the ones with the rubber bumpers).

I’m looking for a 62-63 Midget myself.

Keep looking. It’s always funny what good scores are hiding away unwanted in peoples garages. A few years back my friend bought a MINT mid-60’s Karmann Ghia Type III for under 2k. One owner.

No Matthew Good Band? Awwww… didn’t you know they broke up and now Matt’s going solo?

Oops, sorry. For me, MGB means the Matthew Good Band. (one of my favorite bands)

You may now continue with your regularly scheduled car discussion.


By the way, MGB is / was Canadian, and local to me. (based out of Burnaby or Coquitlam, I believe)


Johnny, you got me looking on e-bay for MG’s and AH’s.

I found this. This picture makes me sad.

Huh. And here I thought Morris Garages was founded in Oxford, England. :wink:

Keep looking, Johnny. Chrome bumper MGB’s are hella cool. MGA’s are even purtier, but then, so are the prices you’d pay for them…

Seven: I’m used to seeing pictures like that. I run [utl=“”]The CJ2A Page and those old Willys are rust magnets. There are a couple of unrestored ones on the Owners page, but I’ve seen worse; as bad as that little frogeye Sprite.

Colfire: Yeah, MGAs are nice. A bit too '50s for my tastes though. I saw a nice Primrose Yellow MGA coupé on a lot yesterday.

Flamsterette_X: Burnaby, eh? That’s not too far to go for a good example of a '65-'67 MGB. I could store it in Birch Bay until I move up there.

I used to have three; the '66 and two '77s. Usually two were running at any given time. Unfortunately I was A) young, and B) in need of money and I sold them in the 1980s. The '66 was the coolest, but the '77s were better for every day driving. One of the '77s had overdrive which made it much nicer on the freeway. But the '66 sounded like an MGB.

If any So. Cal. Dopers sees an orange '66 MGB with a license plate that says MY66MGB, stop the guy and ask him if he wants to sell it back to me!

Up until a few years back I had a 63 midget. It had mostly been reworked and had a few neat custom bits (wood dash, wood steering wheel, leather austin seats)

When I moved from Seattle to portland I didn’t want to go through the hassle of moving it, storing it, etc. I sold it.

Two weeks later I kicked myself and havent stopped kicking. I liked that little car.

So,. I’m GOING to find ANOTHER ONE!

One time I had a 70s MGB, needed parts just sitting there. You know, you would park it & next time you used it it would need parts.

I liked the MGC better.

Get a Miata, its a MGB that works.

Miatas have no character.

Seven: I was passed by a medium-blue Austin-Healy Sprite this morning. (Not a frog-eye/bug-eye.)

I have a '69 B-GT, bought it sixteen years ago and it was my daily car for thirteen years. It’s in storage now until I can start restoring it. Fun little car.

They came out with a special edition Miata several years ago in British Racing Green. That’s just wrong.

Later on Monday, I saw a bright red '70s vintage Midget. I wonder if it’s a sign? :stuck_out_tongue:

Johnny, hire a private dick to locate your beloved’s new owner. Then make him an offer he can’t refuse.

I thought it was Matt Good as well! They are my favourite band too. Have you heard the new single?

Encinitas: Might be cheaper just to restore someone else’s. I should check the Big Book O’ Vanity Plates to see if MY66MGB is still being used. It might be the same one.