No more drama....(a demirant on a nearby explosion)

Just what my city needed: snippets of news reports, “explosion,” “partial building collapse,” helicopters overhead. And all about 400 feet from my office.

I’m typing from 5th and 21st St. in Manhattan. The explosion, which turned out to be a boiler (with possible gas leakage), took place at 6th and 19th. Serious, lots of injuries - thus far no deaths, thankfully - but the sort of thing that does happen in old buildings, which which Manhattan has many thousands.

Until last fall, not the sort of thing that would warrant a Breaking News Bulletin on BBC, or eight zillion satellite trucks, or squelched tears from officemates not wanting reminders. (Our offices - mine in particular - had an excellent view of the Towers.)

The reaction is almost funny - so exaggerated as to devolve into self-parody. It’s as if we’re looking for the first signs that New York has become Jerusalem or Haifa. It isn’t, and (famous last words) shows little sign of so becoming - and in the meantime, I’d like a rest. I’d like a little distance, a little skepticism. A little resistance to turning every burst gas main into a replay.

I’m very glad to see a thread about this. I’ve been rolling my eyes at the reactions, but feeling a little guilty about it. Thanks, Oxy. Glad you’re ok!

Hope all the Dopers were safely out of the way. I love your neighborhood, by the way . . . I got a call about an hour ago from my over-reacting friend, Panic McScareholler: “OH MY GOD, did you HEAR, there was a HUGE explosion in midtown and I don’t know HOW many buildings have collapsed and they don’t know WHAT caused ir?”

I gotta get Caller ID.

I’m also glad you’re all ok (and hope for the best for the injured), but I must admit a quickened heartbeat when I read the headline. I think out here in the Middlelands[sup]tm[/sup] we’re holding our collective breath for the Next Hit.