No! No! The Horror! The Horror!

Maybe I do hate Rick Berman after all…

From the website: Wheaton says Rick Berman was “very pleased” to have him back for what will amount to a cameo appearance. (Bolding mine) I think we can handle anybody for a minute or two. Besides, maybe Wesley will only be on-screen long enough to be killed off.

Funny. When I saw the title of this thread this is what jumped into my mind, since that is almost the exact same thought I had upon seeing this.

So, was the Traveller gay, or what?
How old is Wheaton now, thirty, forty?


Actually, Wheaton’s too old to play a “Skippy the Wonder Kid” character anymore, so Wesley’s probably not going to be any more annoying than the other regulars. I still wouldn’t mind seeing Wesley get waxed by a cloud creature, though…

Plus, Wil Wheaton himself is kinda cool–, so it’s kinda neat to see him doing Star Trek work again. I guess.

Strange; Wil didn’t mention any future Trek work in a recent interview.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Weasley for a brief cameo… how about one where he wrestles JarJar before they both fall into an erupting volcano?