No Pay Catch 22

My wife and I ran into a Catch 22 when we moved to another state. Her employer didn’t
make the proper changes to payroll and she went without a check for a good month and a half.

Now the catch 22: She isn’t being paid for work, yet is expected to perform daily tasks
that if not performed will wind up in her being dismissed.

Is there a law that woud have allowed her to simply say - I’ll work when I get paid and not then be harmed by not performing work for a period of time?

BTW - all is well now, but for a while there we talked seriously about her just siting home but never got up the guts to do it.

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Contact your local labor board, they handle this sort of thing.

This year I went from January to August before I got paid. lol. I guess some last longer than others, eh?

Labour Laws state that she must be paid if she was promised pay before you moved. You should sue te compnay. They can’t fire her for sueing eiter, that’s wrongful dismissal. Anyway, being rpepared to sue and telling them so will probably egt the wages out of them right there and then.

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In Illinois the law is very clear. “Upon termination of employment, the employer SHOULD pay all monies due to the employee. In NO CASE shall the employer pay monnies due less than 14 days after termination or by the next scheduled pay.”

Often a threat to call the labor board will do it.