Where's My Damned Paycheck???!!!

My company was bought a while back by a larger company from Dallas. The Dallas folks have done their best to wreck HR, accounting, and employee morale. They have recently been forcing us to use a new time accounting software program that is buggier than a Louisiana swamp in July. The last pay cycle, they managed to screw up direct deposit, so everyone in the company got paper checks. Inconvenient, but at least we got paid.
Today is payday. We were all supposed to get electronic direct deposit restored. Well, not only did they not depost my pay in my account, they lost my pay entirely! That’s right, their %^&*!@ software kicked me and a few other people out of the system, so I won’t get paid on time. I might get a paper check tomorrow, maybe. DAMMIT! I have rent due tomorrow, not to mention other bills. I also have only a few bucks left in my checking account, so I am screwed until I get paid. This would happen just as looking for another job looks iffy, thanks to the uncertain employment climate.

So they’re planning to work me and not pay me. What’s next, selling me down South?

Man, that sucks, goboy. Can you get an HR person to call your landlord (and perhaps the others whose bills are due), so he doesn’t think you’re just being a lying deadbeat?

I’m having a similar problem. I was laid off and the first of my severance was supposed to be in my account yesterday. Nothing.

I’ve already terminated my lease and have to rent a moving van in a couple days before the new tenants move in. If I don’t have the money by then, I’ll be royally screwed.

They also have approximately 14 hours to get my W-2s to me. I know they won’t though. They didn’t show up last year until mid-February.

It’s no mystery why this company was performing so poorly that it had to downsize.

goboy I’m offering this advice despite your crack about the South. You have the right to insist the company pay your bounced check charges for any check written on pay day or later. That’s a bitch about the new payroll system, the same thing happened with the Duval County (FL) School Board and about 1200 people did not get paid on time. Just please don’t take it out on the Payroll department, o.k.? Believe me, they want everybody to get paid correctly because they get shit for it when it doesn’t happen.

Also breakerxf your company is only required to get the W2’s in the mail by January 31st not put them in your hands. Besides you know what happens if the don’t get them out on time? Nothin. Quite the motivator, huh?

I can relate. Several mo. ago I started my new job with an employer for whom I’d previously worked (in another dept.). In classic bureaucratic fashion, my first paycheck was sent to… a decommissioned navy/AF base several miles from both my home and my work (no, I don’t work for the military).

To be fair, it turns out my old dept. had begun renting a building on the base for storage. Still a bit of a head scratcher, though.

Condolences to beakerxf, that’s a tough break.

I FINALLY got my back pay (I switched to a schedule that pays 10% more in November, but they didn’t up my pay until now), my company has never been more than a few hours late with the paychecks. I hate fucking taxes, though, my gross pay was about $600 more than it normally is, but my gross pay only went up about $300.

Damned loopy 4th dimensional math!


About every post I have made tonight has had some kind of mistake in it like that, I swear…I didn’t get much sleep today.