No Pit for mods

AIUI, moderators are un-Pittable. Flaming them in The BBQ Pit has been prohibited, as moderator actions must be discussed in ATMB. But flaming is not allowed in ATMB.

Yes, we know. Thank you.

edited to add: Is this situation highly unusual when it comes to company owned message boards?

You can pit a moderator for being a Poopy McPoopypants… but not for their moderating decisions.

This is perfectly acceptable because you can address your moderation concerns here in this forum.

You can criticise their work as moderators in ATMB. Is that not enough for you?

This is correct except that you can’t flame us for moderating actions in the Pit; you can flame us for having the wrong opinions. We give people some leeway in saying the mods suck in ATMB because people get upset at times and because at a certain point, trying to make sure the complaints expressed nicely stops being worth it. But periodically people forget that this forum is here for complaints and for questions, not for all-purpose mod-bashing. (You’re not supposed to flame other posters in this forum either.) If a particular mod is being questioned or criticized, that’s not an opportunity to air every grievance each poster has had with the mod since the middle of the last decade as well as every personal problem they’ve had with the complaining poster- or for that matter with the poster who says the ‘the mods were right, this is no big deal.’ It’s inconsiderate to other posters and it’s an annoying distraction.

So why not let their actions be Pitted?

I have no dog in this fight. I rarely even read The BBQ Pit. But it seems to me that mods should be flame-able just like the rest of us are, especially when they have a poor track record.

There’s no one I want to flame, not even a mod. But I think they should be flame-able for the things they do in their capacity.

YOU CAN PIT A MOD. Ok? Feel free! Just don’t specifically mention any moderating decisions they’ve made, and you’re golden.

Because that doesn’t solve the problem, it just spreads it out to two forums. The horse is out of the barn on Pitting mods.

One of the reasons I think this place is fun to be one is because of the 93.8% great moderation. One of the other reasons is because for the other 8.5% of the time (math is not my string suit, sue me) we are allowed to question their actions. On other boards you get instabanned for even questioning a mod action. Being able to give my opinion on mod actions is enough for me. I don’t feel slighted because I can’t call Marley an asshole. All they get is a crappy mug. They don’t need to get shit on too.

You can call Marley and asshole, in the pit, and only directed at him in general, not for his moderating :slight_smile:

That’s just idiotic. Are you serious? :eek:
From the recent twickster ATMB thread, I asked if we were allowed to pit moderators as posters, like we do with any other poster here:

My impression is that you can vitriolically pit moderators for their posts as a poster, but you can only discuss in a civil manner their moderating actions.

ETA: Basically, what drewtwo99 said.

This is a pretty common trope in these parts but is this really true in your experience? Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that there are many boards out there where this is the case but I have used dozens of message boards over the last fifteen or so years and I haven’t ever seen this as policy.

I have seen this on some boards here in Thailand. And I mean farang (Westerner)-centered boards operated by expats.

I can believe it. I’ve spent time on just one other board and over there, the mods do not put up with ANY crap. This place looks like a gentle book club in comparison. Over there, off topic or just “dumb” threads/posts simply get deleted within minutes. Any talk ABOUT moderators/board issues simply gets deleted within minutes. Threads get locked very easily, as soon as a mod starts finding them annoying or tiresome in any way (“we’re done here - this thread has run its course.”) Warnings come swiftly upon any minor violation of board rules and hang there on your permanent record. Complaining about, or ignoring moderators would be a wonderful way to get banned in seconds.

That other board has a very diverse mix of age groups, international posters and intelligence levels - so I guess the mods find it best to treat everyone there like a delinquent teen on a short leash. It does sting when one of your posts/threads vanishes without a trace, but looking back on it, those posts of mine WERE probably dumb enough to deserve it. :wink:

You’ve been a member here since 2000. Did you somehow miss all the discussion on this when the policy was changed some years ago? I don’t get why, if you have no specific complaint, you’re bringing this up now. This horse has been dead for a long long time.

Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say that the horse is out of the Barn House?

He’s asking in response to some comments I made in closing another thread. The gist was that ATMB isn’t the Pit, so threads are supposed to be issue-based instead of an excuse to bash mods (or other posters, for that matter) for everything they’ve ever done.

…I’m starting to worried about this horse. It’s out of the barn, then it’s dead, then it’s in somebody’s house?

In fairness, mods should be prohibited from participating in the Pit. It adds nothing when mods join in the various pile ons that happen from time to time. It’s unprofessional, and makes it easy to question their impartiality when they later moderate someone they’ve bashed in the Pit.

Many other boards ban people that complain about management, so yeah, you’re probably right. :smiley:

Damnit, Marley! It’s a Saturday night. You made me laugh so hard I spilled my beer.