No Pit for mods

Please end me a case of whatever you’re drinking.

You could say that since no one is actually in the Barn House.

IIRC, it happened because a mod got upset over being called out for his/her actions – it was no coincidence that the Pit language rules were also changed then.

You don’t RC. That’s a notion people came up with to deride a rule change they didn’t like. It’s too late to correct this misapprehension four years later, but the rules didn’t get changed because one mod got offended over one word or one thread.

Yep, my Bro was banned on a TV board. He complained that the reviewer of a certain TV show stated up front that he despised the show, so why was that guy selected? My Bro was banned on the spot for calling a “re-capper” a “reviewer” and for questioning their decision to so assign. And my Bro had posted in their version of ATMB.

So, it’d be like “Hey, Marley why did my thread get moved?” then BAM! Insta-ban.

Now yes, back in the bad old days here, right before I joined, some Mods did get a little “jack-booted”, but even compared to those days, the moderators here are gentle and professional compared to most other boards.

Hell, in many boards, no one can be “flamed”. I am not sure why we allow it, other than tradition.

So we can`t pit a mod but we can murder them? :dubious: I think this board needs to review their policies.

I remember the days of being able to flame mods for modding and it always seem too disrespecting to me. I don’t see the need for flaming mods. IMO it would lead to even more ATMB threads claiming decisions or sanctions against posters were based on grudges from the pit. The system of questioning modding we have now is a pretty good one. I don’t believe for a second that the Internet instaban is as pervasive as is often bandied about here, but as these things go this board is pretty tolerant to complaints about TPTB.

My suggestions regarding issues brought up upthread would be no mod modding a thread s/he is participating in… Especially in the pit.

I’m quite sure it provides a much needed release valve for those times when conflicts between posters build to the breaking point. It probably makes mod’s job easier in that regard.

Plus it’s not as if they are foisting on anyone. If it bothers anyone, they don’t have to visit that forum.

What makes you think that the rules are supposed to be “fair”?

It’s never too late. Fight my ignorance.

The idea was that the mods shouldn’t have to take Pit-style flaming as a regular part of modding the boards. It also made it harder to deal with actual complaints and issues.

Not being able to “Pit” mod actions is a very good thing. Ranting and raving about a mod action or a ‘bad mod’ will never convince the board administration to respond in a way the ‘pitter’ wishes. Such vitriol only causes people to dig their heels in and not really respond and to dismiss the complainer.

Besides, “pitting” mod actions or ‘bad mods’ is just another form of putting the mods on public trial but only to rabble rouse. It would be just purely emotional arguments. No good would come of it.

The fact that moderation actions can be taken issue with publicly in ATMB is a huge boon to users. Most boards don’t allow that. I don’t think I’d allow it if I were in charge. And there’d be a lot of deleted posts in ATMB if it were up to me when a complaint about a moderation veered to the emotional, as they too often do.

Why the hell not? Too scared to allow a little criticism for your moderation? Can’t admit your own mistakes as a moderator? :rolleyes:

It’s a wimp move by other message boards to not allow complaints about moderator actions. The only reason they instaban people who do file a complaint about a moderator is because they’re too weak to handle a little (constructive) criticism.

Please put down the strawman, or at least read to the end of the post. moriah was endorsing the system we have right now: no Pitting, but complaints and criticism in ATMB.

moriah said that he (she?) wouldn’t allow public complaints about moderation as we do on this board if he/she was in charge.

And your reaction to this is a schoolyard type call-out?

Actually, you’re right- she did say that. But she’s not a mod here, so not much is going to be accomplished by attacking her for a hypothetical policy. And she did say this:

Which is also our view here.

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Eh, the mods aren’t paid. Even if it would be more “fair”, it would kinda suck for the BBQ mods if they had to spend so much time reading through threads as part of their mod duties and also couldn’t participate in what they’re reading.

I’m kinda impressed the moderation here is as good as it is given they don’t get any recompense and the large majority of the feedback from the community is negative. I can’t imagine quality would improve if we made it even more of a sucky job by forbidding the mods of one of the forum from participating.

Hey, if the foo shits…