Sheesh indeed!

If none-too-serious threads don’t belong in the Pit, then surely they belong in MPSIMS.


So you start a fluffy-ass thread in MPSIMS with a challenge to get it moved to the Pit and then come over here to whine about it getting closed?

Well, it meets Pit guidelines (a complaint about the administration) but it’s still fucking lame.

Seriously, what the fuck is the point of this?

Recently, I opened an MPSIMS thread that was a humorous comment on a Moderator action, not a flame. It was closed because it apparently had no right to exist. In other words, comments on Moderator actions can only be posted in the Pit, but OPs in the Pit can only be critical of the pittee. In that case, if you want to say something about a Mod other than “they suck,” go post it - ummm, where, again? ATMB?

{{{{{{roger thornhill}}}}}}

This statement is factually wrong.

Bolding mine.

Wrong. Read the forum description:

There have been lots of Pit threads praising moderator decisions.

As for the OP, roger, you know very well why that thread got locked: because it was asinine - at least the last challenge to get it moved to the pit was.

Are you suggesting that this thread is any less assinine?

Colibri, Ha! Scooped ya! I win the internet!

Gotcha. A one-line-and-a-link Pitting because a MPSIMS thread about how to start a Pit thread was closed.

I’m closing this, but only as second choice to obliterating it with a bazooka.