Mods and the BBQ pit.

The moderators have the integral but uneviable task of making sure soemone doesn’t send the MBs way off the beaten path thereby screwing things up for everyone else (in essence.) Does this not mean they’re sorta redundant in the BBQ pit? This is where the denizens of the SDMBs go to let opff steam and keep other MBs for calmer stuff so aren’t Moderators just getting in the way.
Don’t mean to denegrate their sterling service in any way but in the BBQ pit any sort of reasoning seems to be kind of out of the question.

Even in the Pit there are limits. No spamming, no really vicious attacks, other sorts of things. The rules are looser, but there are still rules.

Queen of the Pit


I’m not sure I follow you, this is how I translate you post:

Mod’s keep the posts on topic (for the good of the many).

I’m having some trouble decoding this one:
lets move on…

This comes in 2 parts - 1st this is a place for people to calm down,
and 2nd
you are asking ‘are moderators getting in the way’

who’s reasoning the posters or the mods?

I am really trying to understand your post but am lost. Are you trying to say that you think there is no point to a moderator in the pit? or the pit should be deleted? Do you want a free speach forumn where you can post anything you want with no mod’s?

I don’t frequent the pit so I don’t know if ‘pit’ posts are being moved to other forumns or closed - maybe this would help explain things.

Eh, sorry, I don’t have a cite offhand, but I can remember a few instances where a surprisingly civil Pit thread was rewarded by being moved to IMHO or MPSIMS. And not just because it had been mistakenly posted in the wrong forum, either.

Mods also perform the valuable function of locking certain Pit threads when it appears obvious that nothing more can, or should, be said.

So they’re not just the Watch-Your-Mouth Patrol. :wink:

I recently asked this about the Pit myself but I figured they are necessary because they can keep out illegal subjects/information/copyright infrigement/threats of violence etc.