No prices on beer in airport restaurants/bars

Not a frequent flyer but every restaurant/bar menu in USA airports (I have been in) lacks a price on beer. Maybe they don’t have prices on mixed drinks, too. I am a beer drinker. Then there are two sizes, regular and big. No mention of ounces. So, I am supposed to order something without knowing the price or size? Maybe they think since I am flying I must be rich and I don’t need this information? Is there a standard of not putting beer prices on airport menus? I always have to ask the price.

I haven’t seen that on airport menus, but given the prices, that’s probably just as well… for me, all airport food & drink falls under the heading of “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

I have eaten at high-end restaurants where they didn’t list the prices, but the airport? Not so high-end.

Most bars don’t have posted prices, do they?
Sometimes there’s a board with the specials. Other places have huge boards with all the beers listed and priced but this is uncommon. Most of the time, I check the tap handles and try to catch the bourbon’s eye.
Restaurants are more likely to have a menu.

You like to get flirty with the whiskey, huh? :wink:

Yeah, as a frequent flyer, I can tell you that the price for a beer is: ridiculously expensive. Don’t like our prices? Why, go back out through security, get in your car, drive 40 minutes to the nearest town, drink a beer there, get back in your car, drive to the airport, find a spot, take off your shoes and belt, go through security, and go to your gate. Still want that beer?

Yes and soon enough, we’re tongue kissing all sloppy and singing loudly.

I understand this. But airport beer is always cheaper, better than beer on the plane. I just wanna know the price. Is there a savings (per ounce) when buying the large draft?

I don’t recall seeing prices on menus for beer in airport bars anywhere I’ve been; but then, airport bar staff have always been good about telling me when I ask–and before they pour or open the bottle.

But I don’t often ask. I fully expect that airport prices are going to be higher than city prices. If I have a beer at the airport, it has nothing to do with the price of drinks on the plane–it’s usually because I’m bored.

Well, that’s what I tell Accounting when I submit my receipts.

I was going to say - I don’t see prices at non-airport restaurants and bars. I’m sure they will tell you if you ask, just like any other place. I see jnglmassive beat me to saying that.

I always ask, and I usually expect it to be around $6 for bottles and $7 for pints, give or take a buck. Internationally, it can get even more expensive. I’ve not noticed it to be cheaper than on a flight. Isn’t it usually $5 for 12 oz?

As noted above it is uncommon at the least for any bars, airport or otherwise to post the prices of their beers.

The OP says “I just wanna know the price.” Are you sure you are old enough to drink? Need someone to tell you just ask?